Have you ever wondered how the awesome road trip footages are shot while being inside the car? Well, time to know about the dash camera, also known as the dashboard camera on the car’s dashboard or hung on the car’s mirrors. Not only does it make driving secure during day and night but also have front and rear side camera that is able to capture footage along with sounds. Apart from the police vehicles, the cameras are also used by travelers who embark on regular road trips, regular drivers of taxi, bus and other vehicles and general public as added security for car and their belongings inside.

Campark has brought to you the most affordable and feature-rich dash cameras which you can incorporate with various on-board technologies namely GPS, recorders etc.

So, do you want to have a look at the importance of these cameras -

They Can Work When The Car Is Not In Use

In general cases, the cameras are powered by the accessory socket which is designed to start recording when the engine is started and turn off when the engine is not in use. However, you can even get customized cameras which are able to record when the car is parked, therefore, you will get the entire footage in case there has been any burglary, vandalism or theft. These digital cameras have hard wiring facility with car battery.

First-hand Evidence Of Accident  

Accidents happen every now and then while the streets are filled with irresponsible or unfortunate drivers who tend to appear at wrong places at wrong time, causing damage to cars and in worse cases, physical hazards to the passengers and drivers. Being the strongest and most reliable proof of what actually happened, the videotape will be useful for any police investigations or court trial where it can be proved who was guilty or how the accident happened.

In this way, you can also claim for insurance and can get your car repaired at free of cost, therefore, saving money, time and trouble with clear photography at any time of the day.

Minute Monitoring Of Vehicle

Even if your car is parked at the parking lot or at designated place by the road, you never know when an irresponsible driver might knock your car and run away leaving it unattended. The hardware kits will offer full-time coverage of the vehicle and what is inside while no matter how a hit and run took place or a vandalism episode passed by, you will get to see the number plate of the car or the appearance of the person responsible for any damage of your property.

With this dash camera, you can also get the whole road journey captured in high quality video so that no moment of the unforgettable trip remains unrecorded. You will be able to check the videos of the trip or the general monitoring over and over again on your high quality computers, televisions and mobile phones.

Apart from the above, a dashboard camera will be the perfect solution to monitor whether a minor aged is driving the car at your absence or whether your kid is driving your car safely. When you send the car for servicing to mechanics or lend it to someone else, the dash cams from Campark will bear evidence of how your car was treated.

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