The holiday season of winter brings out the best in nature and human emotions as the vibrant celebrations of Christmas and New Year’s Eve begins while the fluffy snow covers the ground. Apart from celebration and grandeur, who would deny the fact that the holiday season also brings out the best discounts of the year for every item –clothing, food, electronics, healthcare products etc. To help you celebrate your vacation or holidays safely and making sure that every moment is captured, Campark brings the awesome deals on its compact cameras. Be it for your adventure-filled vacation or to track animals during your hunting trip, keeping a tab on your babies or recording your road trip –the cameras have various usage and high end features.

With the discount code of CHRISTMAS10 entered after placing your order, you can enjoy flat 10% discount on the camera. Just visit our official website where you can find everything from sports cameras to trail cams for photography and monitoring.

Products You Can Expect To Get On Discount

So, what is your requirement –animal tracking, baby monitoring, action photography or road monitoring? Here are four products which will address your needs –

  • Trail Camera

For tracking the movement of animals during hunting or documenting their behavior while you are not present in the location and monitoring the landscape to prevent any human trespassing or documenting their research, the trail camera will serve you excellently. The waterproof models come with 120-degree wide angle, 14 MP image and 1080p video resolution. 3 PIR sensor documents everything in night vision with 0.3 second trigger speed.

  • Action Camera

From 12 MP to 20 MP image resolution and 1080p to 4K video resolution, get your top action camera at exciting discount. Visit our Facebook page to check out the sample images and videos of the products and how they can compete with other brands with their waterproofing, WiFi, wireless remote controlling and wide 170-degree lens.  

  • Dash Camera

Coming with the dashboard mounting kit, USB cable and car charger, the dash camera with Sony CMOS Sensor is able to capture images both in day and night while capturing in HDR mode, balancing exposure and dark or light spots. The six layer glass will capture 1080p videos and you can watch them on DomyCam app on your wireless devices. With GPS and WiFi, tracking a location and sharing the footage captured on 170-degree wide angle on internet is an easy task. It also has G-Sensor to prevent accidental damage of file during emergency.

  • Baby Camera

A special product for your unattended baby is the video baby monitor with wireless transmission of video coverage up to 1000 feet and even during night with infrared vision. While the camera captures every moment, you can check the room temperature with the display gadget and also talk to your kids or sing lullabies with 2-way audio feature. As an added bonanza comes the reminder for feeding and waking up with voice control.

New Year’s Eve is almost here and if you have requirement for two or more cameras, you can use vip or vvip discounts or CAMPARK10 code for the entire order. Make your holiday count with the best digital compact cameras with awesome image and video quality.

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