Do you have an upcoming bike trip planned and you want every moment of it captured in real time? Well, you have guessed it right –an action camera is what you need when you are a hardcore adventurer or action sports extremist. These cameras are not merely cool gadgets but can be one treasured photographic gear to get some unconventional footage.

While looking for the best action camera, the choices can overwhelm you. For a beginner, the first concern will be whether to go for the top brands and spend a significant amount or the unconventional brands which are relatively cheaper. Campark is here to offer you great deals on camera, but first you need to mark the following.

Things To Consider While Buying Action Camera

When you are investing on something regarding photography, it is recommended to be well aware of the features and functionalities in general. Besides, the biasness towards expensive cameras will always be there. However, keep aside the bias and let’s get started on features that you should check out –

  • Durability

From hiking to biking, bungee jumping to snowboarding, surfing to rock climbing, the action cameras need durability to stand up to harsh weather conditions and rough terrains. What can be cooler than the wipeouts while you are up for the action? In this context, check out the waterproof cameras or weather-shield cameras from Campark and if you are interested, there are cameras with waterproof cases too.

  • Video And Image Quality

For any digital camera image and video resolution are vital factors while choosing the specific model. While 4K video quality is the top resolution available, it becomes useless if you don’t watch the movie on 4K monitor of television or computer. So, basically a 1080p resolution is standard choice along with 20 fps frame rate. However, those in need of still images more than video can go for 120 fps.   

  • Shape, Size And Weight

While looking for the top action camera, check out the most compact and lightweight cameras as they offer maximum portability during your action. Choose according to your application such as the bullet-shaped cameras for helmet mounting during biking or the box shaped ones to mount on chest during snowboarding or surfing.

  • User-friendliness

According to how much tech savvy you are, choose action camera with smartphone integrated apps or standalone unit. Looking for WiFi feature will be perfect if you wish to share your video or picture live and even better if it has GPS feature to geo-tag all your media. At the same time, make sure the camera has enough battery capacity and memory space so that you don’t need to face any hassle in the middle of action.

  • Budget

Coming to one of the crucial factors while choosing your camera, the overall budget plays the main role according to the model you choose and its features. While investing too much on something you would not require is not recommended, being thrifty and ending up with a camera that cannot satisfy your needs will also be a wrong decision.

While low-cost models are equipped with the basic features to capture the action, with higher price, features like waterproofing, image stabilization, WiFi etc. are the bonanzas. A note here, do make sure to check out mounting gears and other related accessories too with the camera to be fully prepared!

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