Campark RC06 Touchscreen Car Stereo for Apple Wireless Carplay Android Auto, 9.26 Inch GPS Navigation for Car



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10'' Touchscreen Wireless Apple Carplay Car Stereo

About this item

  • Wireless Connect Apple CarPlay & Android auto - Wireless carplay screen support wireless connection Apple CarPlay &Android Auto. It can completely replace the cell phone while driving. You can wireless access the music, GPS navigation, messaging, and other functions of your phone while safely driving, Never worry about heating and battery damage caused by using your mobile phone for navigation for a long time.

  • Voice Assistant for Easy Control - The wireless car play screen can be controlled through Siri/Google Voice Assistant. No need to touch the screen if you want to answer the phone, just say the command. What's more, the car stereo supports turning on/off the music, reading messages and so on, offering you safer, more comfortable driving.

  • Real-time Map Information & GPS Navigation-The real-time map information is enlarged and displayed in the car stereo, connected to the car speaker, and the directional information is transmitted out loud. There is no need to purchase professional navigation, and apple carplay navigation can be updated to the latest version at any time, allowing you to avoid traffic jams, change lanes, and change gas.

  • Easy to Install & Save Money - This carplay screen can use suction lock fixes securely to your dashboard or fixed on the windshield with a strong suction cup, then adjust the height and length according to personal visual habits, the base supports 360-degree rotation, plug and play, so you can save a lot of installation costs.

  • Compatible with 99% Car - Compared with the general portable apple carplay screen 12V voltage setting, the working voltage of this non-embedded car radio with navigation is 12-36V. Both cars and trucks can be used. The car radio with the screen is suitable for most motor vehicles, such as cars, trucks, vans, buses, pickups, etc. cars, trucks, vans, buses, pickups, etc.

  • Super Strong Stability - Compared with the apple car play with a camera, our wireless carplay screen is more stable, it's not restarted, causing operation failure and other accidents. The touch screen and voice functions are also more sensitive, you can free your phone and use carplay Screen gps navigation, take calls, and listen to music, It will bring you a happy and safe driving experience.
Campark RC06 10'' Touchscreen Wireless Apple Carplay Car Stereo

Why Choose RC06 Wireless Apple Carplay & Android Auto Car Stereo?

  • A great solution to not having Apple CarPlay in an older vehicle.
  • Great alternative for expensive car radios with Wireless Carplay.
  • Wireless connection to your iPhone, enjoy real-time GPS maps and don't worry about GPS update
  • Intelligent voice control frees your smartphone
  • Portable Wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto are easy to install, saving you money and time.
  • The one good is you can move from car to car.
  • We use a cool box to make the whole package look high quality, the whole thing never looks like that cheap unbranded factory stuff. If you have a friend or loved one who drives a car, why not get him one as a holiday gift?

New Upgrade Car Stereo with Bluetooth—Most Powerful and Affordable Car Audio Receivers

1. Carplay and Android Auto: Take calls, listen to music, have real-time navigation, and more.
2. Bluetooth Feature: Support Bluetooth music and hands-free calls.
3. Voice Controls: Support Apple Siri and Android voice control.
4. Easy to Install: 5 minutes to do, no skills are required.
5. Wide Application: Supports12-24V cars and trucks.
6. FM Transmitting: Connect into car audio by FM transmitting sounds.
7. AUX Output: Support AUX port transmission.
8. Three Audio Modes: Local Speaker, AUX, FM.

  • The local speaker means the Device itself has a speaker
  • AUX output means the car connected AUX input can output product sound to your original car radio
  • FM Transmitter: Transmit sound from this product to your original audio system via an FM transmitter. (Warm Tips: The FM transmitter is built-in the charging cable, please use the original charging cable)
Campark RC06 10'' Touchscreen Wireless Apple Carplay Car Stereo
Campark RC06 10'' Touchscreen Wireless Apple Carplay Car StereoCampark RC06 10'' Touchscreen Wireless Apple Carplay Car Stereo

How to install the portable wireless carplay?

  • Connect the power adapter and the wireless carplay route the excess cable alongside the interior trim for better looking
  • Please according to our suggestion connect the power circuit, and avoid interference when the machine is started.
  • The FM transmitter is built-in the charging cable, please use the original charging cable

Warm Tips:

  • Because the output current is unstable when the car starts, please turn off the FM before stopping the car, otherwise, the FM will make a noise when you start the car again.
  • When you use the FM to connect the car play, please don't use the same frequency as the broadcast, otherwise, the carplay will be frequency bumping and have no sound. you can use the AUX cable to connect the carplay, which can effectively solve this problem.
  • It will affect some functions of the carplay and reduce the customer's experience when the carplay is equipped with a camera, so we remove the camera function to bring you the most extreme service.
  • After connection to the Carplay/Android Auto, please wait for 5-10 seconds, and then the system will Auto Connect your phone.
  • Before connecting again, please turn on Bluetooth and WIFI, the system will auto connection your mobile phone.

Campark RC06 10'' Touchscreen Wireless Apple Carplay Car Stereo package


  • Supports Wireless Connections: Android auto & CarPlay
  • Support Voice Controls: Apple Siri & Android voice control
  • Built-in: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Multi audio Output: AUX Cable + FM Transmission
  • Adaptive Voltage: 12V-24V
  • Size: 27.0 × 14.0 × 10.5 cm


  • 1 × 10" Wireless Carplay Screen
  • 1 × Car Charger
  • 1 × Aux cable
  • 1 × Easy Install Tool
  • 1 × User Manual



Question: Can the steering wheel control the volume adjustment? How does it work?
Answer: Hello. The steering wheel can control the volume directly, which is very convenient, so you don't need to control the volume manually while driving, for safe driving.

Question:How to connect my iphone?

Question:How to use an Android phone?

Question:How does wireless carplay's FM connect to the car?
Answer:Hello,please use the original charging cable configured by us,the wireless carplay's FM transmitter is placed on the charger.

Question:How about waterproofing?
Answer:Sorry, not waterproof.

Question:Can it be controlled by voice?
Answer:Yes,you can take calls, play music and so on.via siri/google assistant.

Question:Will this connect to a ford sync system?
Answer:Hello, the carplay screen connects to your car stereo via FM or AUX

Question:Is this a black screen?
Answer:No, the phone's screen will be mapped on carpay screen

Question:Is the carplay screen a touch screen?

Question:Is the 3.5mm audio jack a mono or stereo output?
Answer:Hello, the AUX connection of the apple carplay screen is mono

Question:Why FM not responding?
Answer:Hello, please use the original charging cable of apple carplay screen, FM is built in the charging cable

Question:Can it be connected to a car audio?
Answer:Yes, you can connect via FM transmitter

Question:What is display resolution?
Answer:Hello, this resolution is 1600*600 Question: Why can't I connect the phone?
Answer: Hello, Please turn on your phone WLAN and Bluetooth when the first pair

Question: Why is my FM can't connected to the phone?
Answer: Hello, The car charger has a built-in FM transmitter, please have to use the car charger in the package

Question: How to solve FM noise?
Answer: Hello, Please choose a blank radio channel to use the FM function.

Question: What should I do if the car play screen is noisy?
Answer: Hello, DO NOT put the car charger close to the car dashboard to avoid interference.




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Campark RC06 Touchscreen Car Stereo for Apple Wireless Carplay Android Auto, 9.26 Inch GPS Navigation for Car