Campark W500 4K 4pcs 8MP Wired PoE Security Camera System with 3TB Hard Drive


Style: 4pcs Cameras + System + 3TB HDD
  • 4pcs Cameras + System + 3TB HDD

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About this item

  • 【4K Ultra HD Video Resolution】 Stunning 8 Megapixels IP camera ( 3840x2160P) has about 340,000 pixels more than 5MP, provides 4x clarity of 1080P, With 3.6mm lens, 110 °ultra-wide diagonal FOV, bringing you a new video surveillance experience. The powerful infrared LEDs captures sharp footage in the dark up to 100 feet/30m.
  • 【Plug and Play PoE Camera System】 Just connect the ip camera to the NVR via POE cable, plug power to the NVR will automatically start video record, easy set-up and install. With CAT5/CAT6 Ethernet cable, you can stretching ip cameras up to 270ft/330ft faraway no need camera power supply.
  • 【3TB HDD】 Pre-installed 3TB Hard Disk Drive in the NVR box, reliable 24/7 non-stop recording up to 90 days no overwrite. Also it takes up less bandwidth and enables smooth remote viewing with smart device(iOS/Android/PC).
  • 【Motion Detection & Customized Alarm Area】Mark out the relevant areas for motion detection to minimize false alerts, so you can keep special alert on what you care most. The security camera system will send instant email alerts with snapshots and APP pushes of suspicious events immediately no matter where you are.
  • 【IP66 Weatherproof & Easy Remote Viewing】The security cameras are durable enough to withstand extreme temperature from -40°F to 140 °F. Just connect the network cable to NVR, you can get remote access to live view or playback all details on the APP via 2G/3G/4G WIFI anywhere anytime, support extend up to 8 IP cameras.
  • 【Lens type】: Wide Angle
  • 【Mounting type】: Protruding
  • 【Video capture resolution】: 4K/8MP(3840×2160p)/Four Times Clarity of 1080p

How to get 4K 8.0MP resolution

(1) Make sure your monitor resolution is 4K or higher, and connect the NVR to your monitor.

(2) Configure your system and go to Main Menu - Settings - Basic and manually change "Video Out" to "3840 * 2160".

Video Sharing

As a home monitoring guard, he allows members with access to monitor the home in time.

Remote Live View

After installing the Eseecloud application, you can use your cell phone or client PC to remotely monitor all the security cameras on your device. Live video preview, recording, simultaneous playback and backup

Data Encryption

We use AWS servers to access your system remotely, which means your data is still your data. All data is dynamically encrypted and well protected.

Ultra HD 4K / 8MP and Super Night Vision

4K Ultra HD POE camera (3840*2160P), equipped with advanced CMOS, has powerful color perception and more detailed video image quality processing. Even at night, the excellent night vision capability still provides super clear picture quality.

Human Motion Detection

Each camera can identify moving objects. It will take photos first and notify you via cell phone and email so you can be notified in time. You can customize the monitoring area and adjust the trigger sensitivity. 

POE cameras have many advantages

Compared to traditional surveillance cabling, POE cameras are very easy to connect and the cabling is efficient and flexible. A single network cable is enough for both power and network.

POE system front-end only a camera and a network cable, cable wiring neat, no external power box, plugs, adapters and other components, simple and generous.

POE system is a safe low-voltage DC power supply, without the danger of strong electricity. When the traditional monitoring system AC power supply access port, there are poor construction line connection, aging line short circuit, building line short circuit, water inlet and other safety hazards.

In general, POE cameras can be used in homes, stores, offices and other scenarios, and are increasingly accepted for their beauty, safety and convenience.


How to connect the security cameras to NVR ?

  1. Connect the IP cameras with POE cable to NVR.
  2. Connect a monitor to NVR via HDMI/ VGA cable. 
  3. Plug the Ethernet Cable to the NVR and your router.
  4. Plug the Mouse to NVR.
  5. Power for cameras, monitor and NVR.


  1. The PoE Home Security Camera NVR Kit NOT support Audio Recording.
  2. Please connect the adapter with NVR firstly, then connect the adapter to the socket.
  3. If you need to view cameras remotely, then need to connect the CCTV camera system to the internet.


  • Resolution: 3840x2160P (8.0MP)
  • Field of View: Horizontal: 85°, Vertical: 50°,Diagonal: 90°
  • Video Input & Playback : Supports 8 IP cameras
  • Night Vision: 100ft/30M
  • USB Interface: USB 2.0
  • Power Input: DC 48V/ 2A PoE

Packing List

  • 1 X 8CH NVR
  • 1 X DC 48V/2A Power Adapter(for NVR)
  • 4 X 8.0MP IP Cameras
  • 1 X 3TB Hard Drive
  • 4 X Ethernet Cables
  • 4 X Screws (for HDD)
  • 1 X 65ft Network Cable
  • 1 X USB Mouse
  • 1 X User Manual



Question:Can this camera record audio?
Answer:Nope, the cameras do not with the audio feature. I like the 4k image quality, it reads license plates accurately.

Question:Do you need wifi for these?
Answer:yes, if you want to use an application for remote access, you still need internet but could be wired, I use ethernet network cable, it is better anyway

Question:Does the ethernet connection need a separate cover to be waterproof?
Answer:No need, the cameras come with a waterproof covering for the Ethernet connection.

Question:Does this surveillance system's power adapter operate voltage 110-240V?
Answer:Yep, the power supply adaptor of nvr box is plugged into a 120V outlet and converts to 48 volts dc.

Question:What is frames per second (FPS) for this camera?
The frames per second (FPS) for this 4K security camera system is 15~25fps, which you can set up.




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Campark W500 4K 4pcs 8MP Wired PoE Security Camera System with 3TB Hard Drive