Toguard CE41A FHD 1080P Dual Lens Dash With IR Night Vision Camera for Cars Backup Camera

About this item 【FHD 1080P Car Dash Camera】: With a 1.5-inch LCD screen, the 6 layers HD dual lens dash cam simultaneously records at 1920x1080P with 30fps and inside, which...


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CE41A dash cam

dash cam front and inside

About this item

【FHD 1080P Car Dash Camera】: With a 1.5-inch LCD screen, the 6 layers HD dual lens dash cam simultaneously records at 1920x1080P with 30fps and inside, which provides sharp high-quality videos/images and powerful evidence in case of an accident. Perfect for Taxi drivers or people who need to record both scenery and happy time with your families.

【Super Infrared Vision & HDR Technology】: The interior facing camera with 4 infrared LED lights and F/1.8 aperture can handle low light conditions and ensure flawless video footage even when the passenger cabin is dark at night. Equipped with HDR technology, the front camera automatically balances the light and dark areas of the video, which provides excellent night vision footage in isolated areas and busy streets.

【Loop Recording & Accident Lock】: Continuous loop recording will automatically overwrite the oldest footage, so you don't need to worry about your memory card running out of space. Combined with G-sensor (built-in acceleration collision sensor), the dash camera front and inside will lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten when detects a sudden shake/collision, which can be used as evidence and insurance claims during car accidents.

【Hidden Design & Wide Angle Lens】: A well-built elliptical cylinder compact body makes it ideal for discreet recording when you don't want individuals outside to notice your dash cams setup. The 170° wide-angle front lens and 140° cabin lens capture the whole road and license plates in front of you from the edges of your windscreen and simultaneously record what is happening in the cabin during the day and night.

【Parking Monitor & After-sales Guaranteed】: Combined with a parking monitor, the car dashboard camera recorder will automatically power on and starts recording when it detects external force, providing you with security every moment. Professional customer service will work on fixing any issue within 24 hours. You will enjoy a wonderful shopping experience!

【Safety Certified & Tested】: Strict quality control and have a professional QC team, with CE, FCC, RoHS & UL certificated.

dash cam motion detection

Motion Detection

When an intruder wanders around your car, the dash camera automatically turns on and starts recording during parking. Important Tips: We don't recommend turning on Motion Detection in traffic jams or when driving at a constant speed on a highway. Otherwise, there will be a missing second during the recording.

CE41A dash cam front and inside

Parking Monitor

The dash camera for the car will automatically power on to record inside and front when detecting a sudden bump or impact to the car, which keeps an extra eye on your car while parked.

CE41A car dash camera

HDR Technology

Equipped with HDR high dynamic image processing technology, the front camera provides great exposure and dynamic range in low light conditions such as driving into the sun or oncoming traffic headlights at night.

CE41A driver recorder

Easy to Install

There is a wide washer type nut where the bracket meets the top of the camera to let you adjust the camera body's up and down angle. And, 360° Rotating Suction Mount and rotatable interior camera let you easy to install.

CE41A dash cam for cars

Optional Installation Mount

CE41A car camera comes with 2 mounts: 1x Adhesive Mount and 1x Removable Suction Cup Mount. You can choose what you prefer.

CE41A   dashboard camera

Support 256GB max

The newest CE41A dash cam supports 256GB Max. Please make sure to use a U3 or above high-speed SD card and format it before first use. Tips: SD card is NOT Included.

CE41A dash camera

Perfect for uber/rideshare/taxi/SUV/Jeep/truck/Lyft driver, or people who need to record both scenery and happy time with your families on a road trip.

This TOGUARD CE41A 2-channel dash camera simultaneously records both front and inside at 1920x1080P@30fps, with infrared Night Vision facing camera, continuous Loop Recording, Parking Mode, also, Adhesive mount or removable suction cup mount for easier to set.


  • 1.5” LCD video screen
  • 1920x1080P@30fps front camera
  • 1920x1080P@30fps interior camera with Infrared Night Vision
  • G-sensor for precise auto-lock and record triggers
  • Built-in 240Am battery to record some minutes after fully charged when the camera is unplugged
  • Support U3 or above 256GB Micro SD card. [ Note: Please format the SD card when first use]

Warm Tips:

  • 1.The internal battery of driving recorder is small capacity for parking monitor only. You need to plug the car charger while using this dash cam.
  • 2.Please press the OK button to pause the recording first, then press the MENU button to access the setting.

What's in the Box?

  • 1* Car Dash Cam
  • 1* 11.48 Feet Car Charger
  • 1* 2.62 Feet Mini USB Cable
  • 1* Suction Cup Mount and 1* Adhesive Mount
  • 4* Cable Clamps
  • 1* Plastic Crowbar
  • 1* User Manual

CE41A car camera

CE41A dash cam mount

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    A: The small built-in battery is only used for the parking monitor, it will last for few minutes, it can not last for a long time. If you need a continuous recording video when you are driving, the dash cam needs to be connected to the power supply.
    A: When the dashcam is recording, long press “OK” button to adjust it.
    A: It depends on which mount you use to install the dash camera. If you install the dashcam with a suction cup mount, it is easy to remove it. The adhesive mount is not easy to remove from the windshield, but the camera can remove it easily from the mount.
    A: It depends on whether you provide continuous power for this dash cam. After you parked your car and there is no power for the dashcam, the small built-in battery is only used for the parking monitor and won't last 24hours.
    A: It hasn’t on mine. And I live in an apartment complex with quite a bit of traffic.
    A: The power cord that plugs into the dash cams use mini USB.
    A: After you insert the suitable Micro SD card and format it, then connect the correct and stable power for this dash cam, it will auto start the video. Press‘’OK" button can stop the recording video and set up the menu.
    A: If the screensaver feature is turned on, the video recording will go on after the screen turns off.
    A: It will but not from motion, it’ll record if someone would’ve hit your car pretty hard that it shook the entire car. It won’t turn on if someone would’ve walked by your vehicle or touched or sat on your vehicle.
    A: The whole suction cup mount is in the package, if you need another replacement suction cup mount, please kindly contact us.
    A: The adhesive mount is available in the package, please check the box. If you do not receive it, please kindly contact our after sale support to get it. Email can be found on the user menu.
    A: Doesn't said anything, you will use a sd card.
    A: You’re able to format (delete) previous recording on the camera itself but not specific recordings, just wipe out the memory.
    A: If you want to playback the images/videos, you can use USB cable to connect the dash cam with your computer or use a SD card reader, then you can replay the video on your computer.
    A: Only the inside camera has IR night version, you can adjust "LED Light" to control it.
    A: It does, but the mic isn’t amazing. It’s enough to hear, unless you have the radio up or something.
    A: The cabin camera can not be disabled, if you do not want to record inside of your car, you can rotate the lens towards the front.
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