Campark X20 Update(V06022018)

Campark X20 Update V0602 2018
Date: 2018/06/02
Update : Fix bugs on Distortion correction and FOV adjustment.


How To Update The X20 Camera :
1. Extract the “FW96660A.bin” file from the zip.
2. Copy the bin file to the root directory of the memory card.
   NOTICE: DO NOT change the name of the bin file.
3. Power on the camera
   (Make sure the camera has at least 50% power left, connect the external power supply if neccessary)
4. The camera will power on and complete the update automatically. it will normally take 30 seconds.
5. During the process, the indicators stay on, and the screen is black, the camera will automatically 
   power on after update.
6. After update, you can check the firmware information in setting menu, the latest version is V0602 
7. Format the memory card in the camera setting menu.


Download: FW96660A.bin

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