Campark R5 Video Streaming Rearview Mirror Dual 1080P Touch Screen Dash Cam and Backup Camera

5” IPS Touch Screen Featuring a sensitive 5 inch touch screen, Campark R5 rear view mirror dash cam is easy to start/stop recording and switch the front/rear view by your...


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5” IPS Touch Screen

Featuring a sensitive 5 inch touch screen, Campark R5 rear view mirror dash cam is easy to start/stop recording and switch the front/rear view by your finger touch.

Reversing Assistance

The backup camera will display reverse image automatically in any situation when the R gear is engaged and the parking guide line will help you park easily and safety.

Wide View Angle

Combined with the ultra wide 170° front and 120° rear view angle, the dash camera can display most decent image and monitor 4 to 5 lanes without dead points. And can help you more to avoid the obstacles.


Campark R5 dash cam is with built-in G-sensor, when any collisions will activate it, the current video will be locked and save separately, and won't be overwritten by loop recording.

Loop Recording

Turning on this function, dash cam will overwrite the oldest unlocked videos automatically to make sure the micro SD card can work well.

Parking Monitor

After parking and the engine is power off. The dash camera will automatically turn on and record a 20 to 30 seconds video when there is a vibration or collision been detected.

Motion Detection

If a moving object is detected passing by your car, the recorder will automatically open the shot. To ensure seamless video recording, kindly turn off this function of the mirror dash cam

Easy Installation

Before installation, please insert a high speed memory card in the dash cam and format the card, also do a simple test to make sure the dash camera works well.

Mount the mirror dash camera over the original rear view mirror and use the included rubber straps to fix it. And then, make sure the camera is in place and secured.

Backup Camera Installation Method 1

The rear view camera can be installed above the license plate. When you parking, it's a good safe parking assistant.

Backup Camera Installation Method 2

You can also choose to install it on your rear windshield and find a perfect spot with good viewing angle for recording. It is recommended to install above the license plate for a better experience.

Technical specifications

Package Includes

  • 1x Campark Mirror Dash Cam
  • 1x Rear Cam
  • 1x Mini USB Cable
  • 1x Car Charger
  • 1x User Manual
  • 3x Mounting Straps
  • 5x Cable Clamps
  • 1x Dust Cloth & Crowbar

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