While the saying goes something like your best moments are those which do not go captured in your camera, during the exhilarating adventure sports don’t you always look for the top action camera? During your adventurous pursuits, be it hiking or mountain climbing, surfing or skiing, mountain biking or deep water diving, keeping your body coordinated is really important. One wrong step and you can hurt yourself in an adverse terrain or environment. Holding a heavy DSLR or a prosumer camera which is not suitable for all environments during an adventure does not make sense.

Campark brings you the best action cameras to suit all your needs and make sure you count each moment to stand in the course of time.

Let’s see why the cameras are so perfect for your next adventure –

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Excellent Image And Video Quality

The best reason to go with this digital camera is its Sony Sensor on the 170 degree wide lens that is able to shoot images in 12 MP to 20 MP resolution and videos in 1080P to 4K resolution with 20fps to 90fps speed. While no background detail will be missed along with minute sudden motion change, the high definition media will be stored in the external memory card.  

WiFi Connectivity

With the spectacular images and footages shot on the camera, you would definitely wish to share them on social media or as personal messages to others. The in-built WiFi with 2.4 Ghz remote wireless control is integrated with the CamKing app installed on your phone or tablet so that you can set recording modes and set features on real time within the range of 8 to 15 meters.

Extensive Accessories In Package

With the action camera, you will get two rechargeable batteries of Lithium. The mounting kits included in the same package of the camera include helmet and bike mounting kits, wrist bands controlled by remotes, waterproofing kits and the USB cable along with user manual to help you with getting started. The additional accessories include straps, zip ties, portable package, switch support, clips, adapter, wire ropes, cleaning cloth and wiper, sticker, ribbon and bandage for helmet base.

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Water Resistance

All the cameras come with waterproof cases and brackets to help you in underwater photography up to the depth of 30 meters. From swimming to snorkeling, drifting to surfing, diving to snow sports –the camera works efficiently for water sports enthusiasts, snowboarders and bikers in rain. Besides, it’s EIS or Electronic Image Stabilization feature is in-built for capturing fast-moving animals and objects.

2 Inch LCD Display

In complement with the wide 170 degree lens, the cameras have 2 inch LCD display on the rear side so that you can view the high definition images and videos. A few models have touch screen technology so that you can seamlessly change camera modes like loop recording, car mode, time lapse, underwater mode and motion detection. Two models also have monochrome vice screen on the front side, showing camera info, battery status etc.

So get ready to invest on something that is pocket sized and can be mounted anywhere without requiring you to hold them and most importantly, which has extraordinary features to perform efficiently in all situations.

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