Be it your home where your family resides with you or your workplace where you put all your efforts; the security camera is important for ensuring safety and monitor if there is anything unusual. You would be surprised to know that the trail cameras, dash cameras, and action cameras can work as excellent security gadgets just like you use a baby camera to monitor your kids’ safety.

How to Choose Security Camera for Home

Although it might seem unusual to use action camera and trail camera for your home security, these gadgets are actually versatile for different scenario. For example, you can use the Campark T40 Trail camera as Campark security camera for household, both for indoors and outdoors. The baby cameras with LCD monitor are also dependable choices for your kids’ nursery.

• For the baby cameras to be placed in kids’ rooms, nurseries or your bedroom, you need to put it in relatively empty area to avoid obstructions by glass, door, wall, etc. wireless transmission is mandatory with longer distance coverage and strong anti-interference so that you can enjoy two-way communication and watch live footage of your kids in another room. Voice control, infrared night mode, temperature monitor, etc. are other necessary features to look for.

• The trail cameras as a security camera for a home can be undoubtedly useful because these generally have a wide field of view, fast trigger speed, and excellent night vision. You have to choose those with over 100-120 degree FOV, up to 0.5-second shutter speed and infrared night vision. Motion sensors and weather resistance with IP certification is a must if you would use it for outdoors. Choose the camera with 12-14MP image resolution and 1080P video resolution.

How To Choose a Security Camera For Business

As mentioned above, the trail camera would also be equally useful to install inside or outside your workplace, farm, factories, or fenced properties. As you already would understand how to choose trail cameras as a security camera for business let’s check how you can choose the dash cameras and action cameras for mobile businesses –

• If you have a transport business regarding cars, trucks or vans, to ensure security to the drivers, occupants, and luggage, you need a dash camera. You can choose a Dash cam with 1080P video resolution and GPS logger or a rearview mirror having video streaming facility for the backup camera. Over 120-degree viewing angle, waterproofing, G-sensor, in-built microphone, and speaker are some of the features to look for.

• HD video with up to 4K video resolution is and up to 16MP image resolution are the features you should look for in action cameras which would be security gadgets for renting business of bikes and motorcycles. Built-in speaker and microphone, high battery capacity, waterproofing, and temperature compatibility should be features to consider.

You might often stay away from home, leaving your kids or other occupants, and quite obviously you would be worried about their safety till you get home. Same goes for your business, be it your office, factory, farm or anything mobile like a car business or motorcycle renting. When you are not handling everything in person, you can never be sure about breaking in, malpractice and safety –the security cameras will keep you covered.