While choosing a home surveillance system, the distinguishing factors between active surveillance and passive surveillance are something many home owners skip. As a matter of fact, around 60% of intended thefts and burglary take place irrespective of whether you have a security system or not. Miscreants these days know properly how to conceal their identity in order to not getting acquainted through the camera footage.

Do home security systems give you a false sense of security?

Besides, after a burglary, there is nothing you can do immediately to get the things back but only detect that a crime has taken place. Besides, if your camera is often giving false alarms on trivial movements of the members of your home or a harmless animal, chances are that you would start to ignore the alarms while going out.  So, let’s have a look at how false sense of security plays a spoilsport.

False Detection Of Movement

Those using such home security cameras for indoor or outdoor use are subject to spend a good amount of time outside home and that is why need monitoring of what is happening in or around your property. But what if the camera sends off a false alarm quite often? Say for example, the Campark trail cameras are equipped with efficient motion detection feature and therefore, would send you notification whenever there is any movement.

In this context, the movement detected by the security camera can be of a trivial movement of a squirrel or a bird outdoor or even as harmless as your kids roaming about indoor. Would you really like to be notified about such occurrences and would you really take these alarms seriously in the long run? The answer is no, especially when you would be occupied with some work.   

Insufficient Security With One Camera

When you are using a security system for your household or property, an indoor or outdoor camera is all you will opt for. But is that enough security? Suppose you have placed the camera inside the living room or bedroom because in that room you need most security, but what about other rooms of your home or the outdoors or your garage? For full-proof home security, you need to follow the security tips where every corner of your house is under surveillance.

Do home security systems give you a false sense of security?

For example, a video doorbell or outdoor camera for the front and backyard and another set of security camera for the main rooms would offer you full security.     

How To Make The Best Out Of Security System?

In this age, a mere video monitoring is not sufficient because accidents are sudden and burglars are ruthless. Your home camera should be efficient enough to avoid false alarms for trivial animal or human activity and notify you about the genuine occurrences only. As most cameras run with WiFi system, make sure you have security system outside home to notify you whenever someone tries to cut the main power.

A camera with better night vision and adjustable motion detection is always useful for night surveillance because most miscreants choose the dark as ally. At the same time, you need a camera that notifies about fire and smoke emission, abrupt change of temperature inside house, exposure of harmful gas etc for a full-proof solution.