Nowadays Whitetail Hunting

The high tech of today's whitetail deer hunting has entered our world whether we like it or not. Been hunting for several years now, shot my share of deer, nothing that big to brag about until now. The trail camera's are a very important piece of equipment to help harvest your deer. So I took advantage.

Camera's Has Revolutionized Our Hunting

We don't have the time for scouring the way it should be done, so why not let the camera's do the work. Here's what I did. The property I hunt has some nice bucks, four real good one's and one, well he's probably a Boone & Crocket. Spot lighting and taking to the local's tells me they are there, so now what, you got it, the trail camera's.

Let's Go Hunting With Modern Trail Cameras

Make A Plan

I hunt big woods mountains with fields below, there feeding area at night. So what I did was to check the trails coming from feeding and going to bedding area. There was six good trails. I set my Game camera's up just inside the woods line to check on deer movement entering the feeding area for 3 day's. Then moved them deep into the woods for the next 3 day's to heavy cover to see when they start to move. Two trails were used by 2 nice bucks "10 pointers." The big guy never seemed to use the same trail twice and moved at different times.

Tree Stand Set Up

Two of the trails were used quite a bit. I set up the stands in the afternoon - best time - you won't disturb the deer. I put my stand about 20 yards from the trail on the down wind side, one stand for morning the other for evening. To Shoot a nice buck early in the season this is the way to go. Once the rut kick's in those buck's are moving, the one's you were after are gone.

Let's Go Hunting With Modern Trail Cameras

It Happened In November

Couldn't hunt the stands everyday but when I did I saw deer. The cameras don't lie, they put me in the right place at the right time. It was early that morning just after seven. Here he comes by himself walking slow on the trail - going to be a perfect shot I taught. Well he stops - can't see him now - three or four minutes go by - where is he - did he leave and I didn't see him or did he spot me and staring me down. I started to put my bow down - that did it, he started on a trot, must have seen me move. I grunted two - three times he stops.

Let's Go Hunting With Modern Trail Cameras

Around a 35 yard shot - have to take it or he's gone. I shoot - he takes off - waited an hour - got out my stand - when over to where I shot - arrow was stuck in the ground - blood - not much but enough to trail him. Followed him about 170 yards - there he laid dead. I could see his horn sticking up - nice rack - big deer too. His left horn was deformed so we call him flop horn.

Was It The Trail Camera

What do you think. I think without it this deer would still be running. What a hunt, I will never forget it. These trail camera's are a very important tool for us modern day hunters of today and should not be over looked. They put me in the right place at the right time. They will make you a much better hunter. They did for me. So I say to all you deer hunters - get in the woods - stay in the woods - I know I will be. GOOD LUCK!!!!