Deer hunting is an active sport enjoyed by devoted hunters throughout the year. It all depends on where the big buck is. If you are a true blood hunter then coming back home empty handed without the trophy can be disappointing. Of course you can practice your skills during the off season months of January to August.

As they say practice makes things perfect a die hard fan of deer hunting will know he will be ready for the big kill when the timing is right. Till then we have some practical tips for the ones who are looking to effectively prep for the ultimate wild life sport.

Off-Season Prepping Tips For True Deer Hunters

1. Cheap Thrills

With summer comes yard sales and discounts in hunting gear. For the ones who believe that garage sales are only meant for budgeted buyers think again. If you go to purchase hunting equipment and machinery during peak season it will be priced higher. Whereas during off season fellow hunters clear up their space and leave a lot of stuff for sale. Pick a good pair of insulated boots, Camo clothes, thermal parka and hunting kit at bargain prices and enjoy a good supply while on the actual hunt.

Off-Season Prepping Tips For True Deer Hunters

2. Trail Cams as aresal

Setting up trail cams like the ones with high definition offered by Campark can allow you to maintain the trail patterns and habits of the deer during the summer. These cameras can be easily mounted on trees and appear camouflaged in the surroundings due to their sophisticated built. From these you can capture superior quality videos without scaring away the prey.

Off-Season Prepping Tips For True Deer Hunters

You can also record their movements and decide on a course of action during the peak hunting season. These camera’s provide excellent quality night vision and are water proof as well. Knowing the behaviour and patterns of the deer will give you a finer hand over the kill. 

3. Food Plots

The major catch during the fall and winter season is the food patch. Deers can be lured towards the hunted zone with pre-determined and grown food plots. A smart hunter will work throughout summer to grow the essential food supply for the prey in order to gain on them while during the hunt.

4. Look for new ground

Off-Season Prepping Tips For True Deer Hunters

Always do a through research as to which are the regions that are frequented by the prey. Hunting in similar parts will keep the creature alert and you will not achieve any success. Move to new lands, mark places on the map, keep an eye over the favoured pasture land for deers, watering holes, bedding areas and locate new spaces vis GPS. All of this can be tracked with the help of Campark trail camera. They can be a handy tool in building up your hunting reserve during the off season.

5. Focus on Form

Target shooting is a good start to brush up on the shooting skills. Do not over do by practicing all day instead shoot 10-15 accurate rounds to build up muscle power and eye co-ordination. Try to base your range on your intuitive memory to able to take a close call on the prey while on hunt.

Off-Season Prepping Tips For True Deer Hunters

While you sweat and practice during summer for the final game make Campark trail cams  you constant companion. You can go back to the pictures shot with the camera to study the deer patterns. Analyze the results with the night vision replay mode, document movements of the prey and get an upper hand while hunting. Create your own game plan with Campark camera’s.