While looking for security cameras on Campark, you might feel confused as to whether you need them for indoors or outdoors. Installing a conventional security camera might not serve you properly as there are some limitations regarding the field of view and footage resolutions.


However, with the cameras like SC500, AP25, W208 and AP55 you can be well assured of seamless functionality, wide angle support, power backup with solar panel and more. So, if you are wondering whether installing a Campark security camera will be fruitful or not, here are the reasons why it will -


  1. Monitor Your Pets And Kids When Not At Home

Nothing to worry if you are not home but have left your child and pet unattended for some time. With the security camera, you can get real time footage on your mobile device even if you are far away.


  1. Ensure Security From Burglars And Unwanted People

The best home security camera 2022 will make sure that whether someone is inside the house or not, it will immediately send an alert to your Smartphone in case anyone tries to break in or has entered your property.


  1. Get Notified About Even The Smallest Of Movements

As the security camera has superior motion detection feature, it will not miss even the tiniest of movement like the curtains moving, windows opening and so on.


  1. Double Your Fire Protection With Home Security System

You can incorporate smart home devices like fire alarm with the security camera so that in case there is a fire hazard or smoke is detected, the camera automatically sends you a notification and you can take necessary steps. 


  1. Monitor Use Of Electricity At Home

You can monitor the usage of appliances at your home with the surveillance of the security camera. Nowadays the air conditioner, lighting, heating system and television are controlled by smart technology i.e. with remote control or smartphone. With the security camera, you can turn off any appliances that is left on by mistake while you are out.


  1. Reduce Your Insurance Premiums And Get Proof

With the indoor and outdoor security camera, you can keep real timr evidence of any theft attempt, any damage to your property due to natural calamity or external force like fire, accident etc. It will come as handy while you raise insurance claims.


  1. Can Be Used For Old Age And Medical Assistance

People who live alone or are ailing and old can rely on the security camera for medical assistance. The camera equipped with medical pendants, bracelets or rings and emergency pulls can be used to call for ambulance, medical help and so on.


  1. Can Be Used To Detect Odorless Pollutants

The colorless and odorless gas like carbon monoxide released from heating systems, burning materials and stoves can often go unnoticed. You can add a gas detector with the security camera so that it notifies you whenever some pollutant level is high in the air and you can come out to seek assistance.


  1. Monitor Both Indoor And Outdoor Of The Property

The best smart home security systems will add safety both indoors amd outdoors so that you get alert whenever someone enters the property and also check whether the house is safe to enter.


  1. Enhance The Home Value While Selling

Lastly, if you are considering about selling your house, a proper security system will not only assure the potential buyers about safety at home but also increase the value of your house.


Apart from the security cams, Campark also offers video doorbell camera that you can install on your door or adjacent wall so that the footage of whoever stands on the doorstep is captured. What is even better, it supports audio and therefore you can also interact with the person.