1. What Is The Campark Security Camera System?
  2. What Makes Campark Camera Systems The Best Choice For Businesses?
  3. Best Commercial Security Camera System Recommendations

Companies need to invest in a security camera system that is reliable and secureand provides video surveillance 24/7. One of the best systems on the market today is Campark. It offers two-way audio and video surveillance with a live view tomonitor your premises via any internet or mobile device.

With the recent rise in crime rates and the potential for fraud, it can be difficult for small to midsize business owners to protect themselves. But with today's technology and Campark's line of security cameras, it's easier than ever to create a secure environment that still feels comfortable.

What Is The Campark Security Camera System?

Campark strives to be the industry leader in commercial security cameras. It provides professional-grade equipment and a variety of camera options designedto meet the different needs of customers in multiple scenarios. You can buy dome security cameras, bullet security cameras, or solar-powered security cameras. You can buy outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, and video doorbells. Campark also sells wired, wireless, and 4G cellular models. If you're looking for a specificcamera feature, atCampark, you'll almost certainly find a camera that includes it.

Commercial-grade security cameras primarily aim at commercial customers and business owners who own a store, building, warehouse, or storage facility. In terms of cameras, you usually choose from these two methods. One is a single security camera linked to a personal account. The other is a multi-channel security system, usually with multiple cameras connected to a local NVR (Network Video Recorder) or cloud storage. Business owners can choose one or more security solutions according to their own needs.

Best Security Camera System for Business- Campark

What Makes Campark Camera Systems The Best Choice For Businesses?

Compared with other brands of security cameras, Campark has the following advantages:

  • Have more affordable equipment options
  • Wide selection of indoor and outdoor security cameras
  • Mobile smartphone app control
  • Video Verification to Reduce False Positives
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Two-way audio Wi-Fi
  • fast response time
  • Lowest monitoring price per month
  • playback anytime

Standout Features: This is the security camera brand you can trust for 24/7 protection. And most security cameras are solar-powered, which is the perfect solution if you hate charging your device or changing batteries. Camparksecurity camera kits are affordable and less expensive than buying equipment from most other DIY security companies. Moreover, it is easy to install and is very friendly to DIY security camera systems. Individuals can easily complete the installation. See more details about all of Campark'ssecurity cameras.

Various functions that a commercial surveillance camera should include:

  • Remote Access via App on Phone/Client on PC: No matter where you are, you can monitor your home through App software.
  • Email Alerts: When motion is detected, you will receive an email alert.
  • Push Notification: When motion is detected, a push will be sent to your phone to remind you.
  • Motion detection recording: You can set a recording schedule for the camera, when motion detection is triggered, it will start recording.
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (some models): It helps you capture more detail, and you can see every part of your home with simple pan and tilt controls.
  • Two-way audio (some models): Built-in microphone and speaker for interactive listening and conversation.
  • Card storage or cloud storage: For saving and uploading moving images and videos.
  • Playback: You can view exercise records through the application software at any time.

Best Commercial Security Camera System Recommendations

The Best DIY Security Cameras For Businesses

Best Security Camera System for Business- Campark

Campark SC04 3MP 100% Wireless Wifi Solar Security Camera With HDMI Output Support

Campark SC04 solar security camera is 100% wireless and solar powered, which can save the trouble of connecting wires and network cables. 3MP clear images can be captured within a 120° wide-angle range. The best thing about this security camera is that it cannotonly view videos and pictures outside the phone but also supports an HDMI output display. Equipped with an HDMI cable and a wired mouse, the camera can be directly connected to the monitor. Even if you are not connected to the Internet, you can view the video captured by the camera in real-time on the monitor to achieve 24/7 recording. In addition, view and control your security system remote devices locally from a tablet, PC, or via a smartphone app on a mobile device. It is the best outdoor DIY home security system.

The Best Security Cameras For Small Businesses


Best Security Camera System for Business- Campark


Campark SC03 4MP 100% Wire-Free Wireless 4MP Security Camera System with Months Battery Life

4MP home security system wireless with 4mm lens, 10x digital zoom, and dual LED light sources support color night vision. Don't worry about power cords and network cables when installing, 100% wireless. Two-way audio and 2 storage modes, smart PIR motion detection and APP instant alarm, maximum support 128G TF card, overwrite automatically when full. You can view or play the video in real-time on your phone. Save time and effort, best security camera for small businesses.

The Best Security Cameras For Large Businesses
Best Security Camera System for Business- Campark

Campark W300 4Pcs 1080P WiFi Security Camera System With 3TB Hard Drive

This wireless security camera system is truly plug-and-play with a pre-installed 3TB hard drive. 1080P full HD camera and 24/7 recording, can support up to 8 channels. This wireless security camera system supports video recording and playback, and you can remotely access your camera system anytime, anywhere through smart devices such as smartphones, pads, and PCs. This wireless security camera system is very suitable for villas, homes, offices, shops, warehouses, smart communities, or other places, and is the best choice for large enterprises.

The Best Wireless Security Cameras For Businesses

Best Security Camera System for Business- Campark

Campark W400 1080P 4Pcs 24/7 Recording Security Camera System With 12" LCD Monitor

Campark W400 IPS Surveillance NVR All-in-One can record more than 24 hours and 90 days of video. 100% wireless, supports up to 8 channels. It also comes with a 12-inch LCD, and wireless auto-pairing without a complicated setup. When the video data is full, it will automatically overwrite the old data. Equipped with the new technology AI person recognition function, it can quickly and accurately lock the target person and trigger the alarm quickly. It also supports video preview, video recording, synchronous playback, backup, motion detection, and email alarm. The mobile device can watch and broadcast remotely, which is the best wireless security camera for the business.

Campark is a company you can trust and you can be sure you are getting a quality product. Campark has the most complete security equipment to choose from, if you have any questions or are unclear, please feel free to contact us.

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