A perfect fusion between solar power and versatile functionality, the T180 4K 36MP solar panel WiFi Bluetooth Trail Camera launched by Campark will take a pioneering step towards sustainable photography.

As one of the first of its kind, the Campark T180 solar-powered trail camera promises to save the money spent on numerous batteries with its integrated solar panel. Combined with the lithium battery pack that is rechargeable, hours of seamless operation are guaranteed by this new addition in the Campark family. Photographers and game hunters often complain about being out of power while monitoring on the field and the T180 model is going to solve this issue. Besides, it will reduce the time and effort of installing batteries at regular intervals.


campark T180 solar camera

Even when solar panels cannot be powered in cloudy or rainy weather, the camera can run effortlessly with lithium AA batteries. Again, in low temperatures when AA batteries do not work properly or get exhausted easily, the solar panels can provide support. Users have to buy AA batteries separately as the gamer camera does not include any.

Paramount video quality will be ensured by the 4K video resolution and the same goes for 36MP image resolution. The clear and detailed video thus captured will be compatible with any video player on TV or computer as it is in MP4 format. This rechargeable tracking wildlife camera offers colorful footage during daylight and crisp black and white footage at night.

To save space on Memory Card, users can change photo resolution from 36MP to 30MP, 24MP, 20MP, 16MP, 12MP, and 2MP; video resolution can be changed from 3840x2160 at 30fps to 2304x1296 at 30fps. There are 36 pieces of 850nm LEDs that will flicker at night with smart illumination technology. Without alerting the animals or people within the vicinity, it will provide clear images with superior night vision for up to 65 feet, therefore blur will be reduced.


campark T180 solar camera

To make it more user-friendly and mobile-compatible, Campark has the Game Camera Pro app that is suitable for both iOS and Android devices. The camera is equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspot working within a distance limit and with its Bluetooth compatibility users can preview and download videos and images on the Smartphone or mobile device via the app. Therefore, connecting the gamer camera does not require the user to dismount it, but connect through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The solar camera has three PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors for detecting even a minute movement and with the superfast triggering speed of 0.1 seconds and recovery time of 0.5 seconds users can be assured that no motion gets without capturing. At the same time, the T180 model is set to be the best trail camera 2022 with its motion detection angle of 120 degrees so that a wide field is covered.


campark T180 solar camera

Suitable for various geographical regions like dry deserts and tropical rainforests, the camera is enclosed in a waterproof case with an IP66 rating so that it is safe from splash, rain, moisture, dust, snow, and mud. This solar-powered trail camera has various uses, whether it is for game hunting or animal monitoring, farm animal surveillance, or home security.

Once the T180 camera is triggered, ten consecutive shots are guaranteed and the photos taken in one time are numbered from 1 to 10 while including the EXIF details for the user convenience. This best trail camera 2022 model also has Time Lapse mode that is activated once the user presses "On" for setting time interval, within which the camera will automatically shoot at each interval set.


campark T180 solar camera

The T180 camera having a 2" color TFT LCD screen comes with a USB data cable, three screws for mounting, a threaded tripod, a mounting belt for installing on trunk, branch, wall, or fence, and the user manual.