Traveling is expensive and so are the items that we wish to carry with us. A seasoned traveler always knows how to prevent any mishaps and thefts. But there are many of us who are new in this discoverer domain and have left high-paying jobs to pursue passions related to travel photography, vlogging, and blogging.

5 Tips for Safely Travelling with your Camera

As we step out on the possibilities of exploring new cultures and lifestyles, it becomes natural that we will possess superior quality camera gear that will attract unwanted attention. To curb the menace of burglars while on a journey it is imperative that you follow these handy safety tips and tricks.

1. Being Discreet

Burglars are drawn towards shiny new cases, bags and camera gear. Having a worn out bag to place your camera will be a genius trick. Let the exterior of the travel bag look beaten and dirt ridden to imply that you are not conveying anything of value within.

Cover the logo and brand markings with black duct tape, also get rid of the manufacturer’s shoulder strap and replace it with a plain steel wire logo-less strap. This will not give away the makings of the camera gear, thus making it a less likely target.

5 Tips for Safely Travelling with your Camera

2. Insurance for the Shooting Gear

High-investment is required for an HD-definition camera gear and you cannot afford to lose it while on a trip. Whether business or pleasure always get your equipment insured for accidents and thefts. Most important take a photo of all your gear, note down the serial and model numbers. In case of an emergency, it will be helpful to give all the detailed information to the police or track down your equipment at any pawn shop.

3. Backup plan

Many camera manufacturers have enabled backup drives for daily use. Once every single day updates all the pictures and videos onto a backup drive. This will ensure a second copy in case the file gets corrupted or stolen. Also, carry multiple memory cards and keep changing their location in the luggage for valuable access.

5 Tips for Safely Travelling with your Camera

4. Padded Luggage

Keeping all the gear damage and weatherproof is a daunting task. For this, you will have to rely heavily on a sturdy, padded backpack. The interior compartments need to be spacious and organized. Carrying all of the electronic gear in a separate mesh bag or daily bag is also ideal.

You can also use hard cases specially made with wheels and pull handles for packing all the camera gear. Also, as a precautionary measure keeping the shoulder bag to the front of your body while sightseeing and browsing around unknown locations are recommended.

5 Tips for Safely Travelling with your Camera

5. Extra Care

Clean the camera equipment before traveling for a mint condition on arrival at the destination. Avoid keeping the lens attached to the camera body if you are carrying a DSLR, store the lens safely in a separate case with the caps tightly secured. This will avoid pressure and tear experienced by shifting of the lens during a bumpy journey. It is always a great idea to remove the battery and memory card while travel to avoid heating and draining of the equipment.

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5 Tips for Safely Travelling with your Camera

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