Dear customers:

     The Campark brand has been established for 12 years. For more than ten years, thanks to the support of dear customers and friends, on the occasion of the two major festivals of Christmas and New Year’s Day, we extend our sincere greetings to all customers.
     This year, we have also made a breakthrough in performance in the difficult situation, continuing the development trend of e-commerce.

     Many products are loved by consumers,as shown in the figure below. And the products needed by customers are sometimes in short supply. At the same time, international logistics is affected by the epidemic, changes in many ways. Sometimes, untimely delivery or delayed logistics delivery may cause inconvenience or trouble to customers. Here, we would like to express our deep apologies again.

     What is gratifying is that our company has expanded its scale this year and has dedicated departments responsible for each business. Soon after, we will continue to increase investment in advertising、 technology and other aspects. At the same time, we will strictly control the quality of product production and ensure product quality , intensify efforts to produce products. Hope to hand over satisfactory answers for customers.

   Product name/Top place




           Trail camera




          Action camera





      In order to express thanks for your trust and help over the years, we will launch discounts and promotions activities at the end of the year, so stay tuned!