From avoiding rear collisions to keeping a track of the ongoing traffic, dashcams for cars can act as a set of eyes on your behalf to ensure safety and convenience. Campark brings forth a wide range of dash cameras to help you out and what is striking, each camera comes with an unmatched picture and video quality to make sure that you never have to compromise your safety with clarity of picture. Here are the five best dash cameras from Campark that will suit you well –


Campark R10 Rearview Mirror Dash Cam And Backup Camera

Considered to be one of the best dashcam 2022 models, the R10 Rearview Mirror Dash Cam has a 10-inch touch screen where you can adjust the field of view by sliding up and down and changing the lens view from front and back by sliding left and right respectively. With the guidelines, you can easily park the car by driving backward without even turning around. With auto-start and loop recording, the camera starts recording when the engine starts and as the card reaches maximum capacity, it overwrites the old footage. It has a motion-detecting feature and a 24-hour parking monitor. With a G-shock sensor, it will automatically block the camera from overwriting a file with collision footage.


Campark DC40 3 Channel Front Inside Rear Dash Camera

With 170-degree front recording, 140-degree rear recording, and 120-degree interior recording, the wireless dash cam will capture video at 4K and 1080P resolution. There is an in-built supercapacitor to safeguard the camera from adverse weather while giving a long lifespan than Li-ion batteries. In combination with a Sony sensor, WDR technology, and four infrared lights, the night vision of the camera will serve you seamlessly. It locks any footage with collision, thanks to G-sensor and once it detects motion, a 15-second video is auto-recorded.   


Toguard CE41A FHD Dual Lens Dash Backup Camera

The Toguard CE41A FHD can be the best car camera with six layers of HD 1.5 inch LCD screen that can record videos at 30fps with 1920x1080p resolution. The HDR feature will optimize color saturation and detail in the picture while retaining the real colors in different light conditions. Even when the interior is dark, the four IR lights will capture flawless video. It also has G-sensor, loop recording, and parking monitor to detect collision.


Campark DC30A 4K And 1080P Front And Rear Dash Cam

The Campark DC30A dash cam comes with a Sony sensor and super night vision while offering features like a wide dynamic range, large F1.8 aperture, 24-hour parking monitor, G-sensor, and loop recording. With a 3 inch LCD screen, the camera lets you delete-protect any footage by pressing the emergency button. When it comes to this dash cam front and rear footages are captured at 4K i.e. 3840x2160 resolution and 1080P i.e. 1920x1080 resolution respectively to capture brilliant details. The front cam has a 170-degree field angle while that of the rear camera is 140-degree. 


Toguard CE45 Uber Dual Dash Cam

Both the road traffic and the interior of the car will get recorded with a 4K front and 1080P in-car camera lens while the dual 170-degree wide-angle field view will cover more area inside and out. With 3 inch LCD screen, this small-sized camera has features like a parking monitor, WDR, G-sensor lock, loop recording, motion detection, etc. The camera is 180-degree rotatable and can be installed with the suction cup or 3M adhesive sticker.



Apart from these, you can also check out Campark DC10 DVR UHD 4K dashcam, Toguard CE60H 2.5K waterproof mirror dash cam, Campark R5 1080P Video Streaming dashcam, etc. JEEMARK CE11 1080P Full HD Mini Car Camera and Toguard CE33 Dash Cam with built-in GPS are also small-sized options to consider.