While there are millions everyday who wait for the best deals and discounts to book the first flight to their favorite destinations, there are some who take the winding beaten roads. Investing in a swanky RV or building a tiny house on wheels is major goals for some romantic couples. We have listed out the top five scenic roads you must drive together as a duo for an unforgettable amorous experience.

Here are our favorite 5 travel captures to inspire your road trip!

Why do you need road-trips?

  1. You will never miss out on local attractions which one thoroughly skips while planning an air trip with expensive hotel stays.
  2. Getting associated with the history and culture of the regions in a closer way.
  3. Driving collectively builds any relationship bonds; it is a great way to spend time together as a family or with your spouse.
  4. Improves navigational, leadership, survival, organizational and motivational skills.
  5. And of course the amount of photos and videos one can click and save throughout the panoramic journey is priceless.

Top 5 destinations to cover on a Road trip:

1. Great Ocean Road – Australia

Here are our favorite 5 travel captures to inspire your road trip!

The land of the legends, crystal blue ocean and wilderness. The epic coastal drive promises beach side home stays, dramatic islands, the key points like the Twelve Apostles, Shipwreck coast and London bridge. A diverse landscape awaits this 400 kilometers long drive. From ancient volcanoes, rugged cloud stations and thick rain forests. It also promises culinary dimensions with mouth-watering local seafood dishes. Family owned wineries trips and gourmet cheese to be savored. Meet the diverse wildlife of this region and soak in the rich aboriginal culture.

2. Ring Road – Iceland

Here are our favorite 5 travel captures to inspire your road trip!

Wish to witness magnificent glaciers then the entire stretch of 1332 km of the Icelandic road circumnavigates throughout the country. It passes through the fjords in east Iceland, the Snæfellsnes peninsula and the Westfjords. It winds its way through famous locations like Húsavík, Ásbyrgi, Dettifoss, Siglufjörður and Hofsós.

Pictureseque rural life can be captured in lenses as you drive along in summer and in winter you will unravel the mysteries of the Northern lights on the windshield. You can indulge in horseback riding, black sandy beaches, hike to waterfalls and masses of ice filled hemisphere. Also taste the local dishes, fresh produce and buy souvenirs from its quaint village stores.

3. Cairo to Cape Town – Entire East Africa

Deserts, dunes and barren lands gives way to wild forest lands. There is no better safari adventure than this. A winding 12,000 km journey that promises breath-taking countries to pass by. You can explore nine countries or as we call it the nine gems of East Africa - Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa. Take pictures with camels, in rustic desert tents, souks that smell of spices, the rich Nile basin teeming with crocodiles.

Then move over to the vibrance of the jungles and rainforests with mighty creatures that roam the land and sea. Meet the tribes, go for hunts and learn about their culture, we bet you will go viral on the social media with your excursion videos.

4. Amalfi Coast – Italy

Here are our favorite 5 travel captures to inspire your road trip!

If you are looking to get iconically swept away with your love then this coastal drive promises to keep you engaged. Italy is known to be the symbolism of love and nothing is more tempting to serenade your beloved with fine Mediterranean weather, great wine, magnificent monuments, savory gelatine, bustling seaport and fresh local cuisine. There are 7-8 major destinations covered in this panoramic road trip. Make sure to carry your high definition camera to be the star of the road.

5. The Wild Atlantic Way

We have saved the best for the last just like the cherry on the topping. Known as the longest coastal route in the world, the wide Atlantic way will lead straight to your heart. It runs 2500 km with vast cliffs, heavenly beaches for barefoot walks, gastronomic delights, shipwreck sites and staggering coastal views. The drive will be calm and serene with the constant presence of the ocean along the way. We bet the journey will be spiritual and recreational at the same time.

Here are our favorite 5 travel captures to inspire your road trip!

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