1. Benefits of Security System Integration
  2. Security System Integration, Easier Management
  3. Run a more efficient business
  4. Effective Crime Prevention
  5. Real-time Monitoring
  6. Signal Transmission
  7. Video Processing
  8. Video Display

One of the most difficult aspects of managing property security is making sure access to your property is simple, safe, and convenient, but each has different security needs. How can you quickly and easily manage your security needs at every level? You may need security system integration.

Security system integration refers to the purpose of building a security management platform within the organization, using integrated wiring technology, communication technology, network interconnection technology, multimedia application technology, security technology, network security technology, etc.,to unify related equipment and software. The various security systems formed by planning, design, development, and installation form a collection of linkages to realize the perfect and all-aroundsecurity management in the region.

Simply speaking, security system integration is simply combining different security devices to work together to achieve higher efficiency and safety. A commercial security system must containvariouscomponents to be considered complete, such as burglar alarms, CCTV cameras, access control, and video storage devices. If these components are integrated, they will communicate and share information.

The systems implemented by the security system integration include access control systems, intercom systems, monitoring systems, burglar alarms, fire protection systems, multimedia display systems, teleconferencing systems, etc. Security system integration can be used as an independent system integration project or included in building system integration as a subsystem.


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Benefits of Security System Integration

  • Security system integration, easier management
  • Run a more efficient business
  • Effective crime prevention
  • Real-time monitoring

Security System Integration, Easier Management

When you have integrated security systems, they can all be managed, monitored, and controlled remotely through one program. You can view your video surveillance cameras anytimeto view access reports, or customize alerts. It can be managed with one application without wasting too much time and effort.

Run a more efficient business

Security system integration can quickly reflect the shortcomings and weaknesses of the business and can make better decisions for managers, making business management more efficient.

Effective Crime Prevention

Targets may be exposed to many different types of crime risks. Security system integration can prevent a variety of different types of crime. Even if a crime does occur, an integrated system will provide law enforcement with more useful information, increasing the chances of cracking the crime. Other home security cameras are effective in deterring crime on their own but can be more effective as a deterrent and warning when paired with an alarm system or access control system.

Real-time Monitoring

An integrated security system can provide real-time monitoring, enabling your personnel to streamline their workflow, keep abreast of the progress and status of work, and check every aspect of your business. Instead of going to the official site in person, you can also realize the mastery of personnel and office conditions.

Common security system integration companies in the market provide various services, including the constructingand maintaining of the entire security system integration. They can even choose the security brand they want and any other security system they want to add according to the individual needs of consumers. They can integrate the individual needs provided by consumers into the existing security system, Complete the integration, monitoring, and management of the entire security system integration.


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An integration company can help you connect and simplify the management of these systems:

  • Smart lock
  • Intercom
  • Keyboard
  • HVAC
  • Elevator control
  • Lighting
  • Home appliances
  • Sirens
  • Surveillance cameras

The monitoring system is one of the links in the security system integration, and the monitoring camera plays a pivotal role. The parts that surveillance cameras need to complete for a surveillance system include:

  • video capture
  • The video collection is mainly composed of security cameras at each observation point and mainly completes video image collection.

Signal Transmission

Signal transmission mainly includes the transmission of power signals, video signals, and control signals.

Video Processing

Video processing mainly completes the display, storage, and transmission of video signals. Such as hard disk recording, APP application, or cloud storage.

Video Display

A video display is mainly used to display the real-time images captured by the camera, such as mobile phones and monitors that support remote viewing of images.


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With the development of science and technology and the demand for security, security system integration will be used more widely and will become more intelligent. Due to the demand for personal safety and property, more and more families and individuals attach importance to home safety testing. Although it can't reach the scale of installing security system integration, it is also keen to use security surveillance cameras. For large businesses, installing an integrated security system can be the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks and even physical threats.

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