1. Why do you need a security camera system?
  2. Different Types of Security Camera Systems
  3. How to pick the right security camera system for your home
  4. The best security camera systems for your home
  5. Tips for using your security camera system

Are you in need of a Security Camera System for your Home? Whether it is for your home, business or both. Thereare many options to choose from. Read this article to be able to make an informed decision on what the best option is based on your needs!

The purpose of installing a security camera system is to protect our property better and provide good video evidence to restore the scene when there is a dispute or disagreement. Can effectively protect our personal and property safety.

Why do you need a security camera system?

  1. Even if you are on the other side of the country, you can know the real-time status of your home, store, or office for the first time. Get rid of worrying about family safety, so you can spend more time and energy on the things you want to do.
  2. If there is an accident such as theft, the security camera system can retrieve the video playback at any time to provide important clues for the police.
  3. It is convenient for managers to understand and promptlygrasp the progress and status of production and work to improve time and productivity.
  4. It can restrain the behavior of thieves, deter them and prevent them from happening.
  5. Take care of the elderly, children, or pets. Can know their living conditions for the first time. It is a good helper to take care of the elderly, children, and pets.
Security Camera System for Home: Pick One for Your Family

Different Types of Security Camera Systems

1.Division of indoor and outdoor cameras

Outdoor security cameras include video doorbell cameras, floodlight cameras, and solar-powered cameras. Most security cameras are motion detection, once a person, animal, or car is detected within the detection zone, you will receive a push notification. Floodlight and spotlight security cameras are also the ones whose lights are triggered when motion is detected.

Indoor cameras include nanny cameras and home security cameras that don't have rain protection.

2.Wired camera and wireless camera

A wireless camera connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and does not require a network cable for the camera to work. They're easier to set up, easier to control and are all-in-one, easy-to-install, portable, and ready-to-go cameras. But there are wifi distance restrictions, and local cloud storage needs to be paid monthly.

A wired camera refers to connecting the camera to the electrical and network cables in the home, which can be connected to another storage device to reduce the cost of cloud storage. Once installed, there is no need to worry about the power of the camera, and it can record 24 hours a day. The disadvantage is that it is more troublesome to install and inconvenient to move.

3.PTZ security camera

PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. The movement of the PTZ camera is controlled remotely. You can control movement and detect angles on your phone through the app.

4.Dome camera and bullet camera

Mounted on ceilings, overhangs, or walls, dome cameras get their name from the circular covering that protects the camera lens. Compared with bullet cameras, spherical cameras are easier to hide and not be found. Intruders don't know where it's pointing but can't get around its field of vision. At the same time, it is suitable for many installation scenarios, not only in open places but also in places with small spaces. Such as corners, stairs, and other places can be applied.

A bullet camera is simply a camera with a certain shape: long and relatively thin, very prominent and recognizable. Easy to install and a deterrent to thieves.

5.POE security camera system

Instead of requiring separate Ethernet and power cables, PoE security cameras use a single Ethernet cable to draw power, connect to the Internet, and transmit video footage to the network. A good PoE system is reliable and easy to install and monitor. And it is a safe low-voltage DC power supply, there is no danger of strong electricity. It can effectively avoid potential safety hazards such as poor line contact, line aging, short circuit, and water ingress.

6.4G cellular traffic security camera

Cellular security cameras need to run on 3G/4G/5G networks, so they are also often referred to as 3G/4G LTE/5G mobile security cameras. The cellular surveillance camera does not need to be connected to the Internet, and there is no wifi distance limit, but the video signal is transmitted through the mobile network. 3G/4G/5G security cameras with SIM cards require a cellular data plan to transmit video signals. Common operators that provide data services for SIM cards include Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.

Security Camera System for Home: Pick One for Your Family

How to pick the right security camera system for your home

Clarity: The resolution determines the sharpness of the picture, the higher the resolution, the higher the sharpness of the camera. At present, the resolution of smart cameras on the market can be divided into the following three types: 480P, 720P, and 1080P.

PTZ function: The PTZ is mainly to allow the camera to rotate up and down, left and right so that the monitoring range is not limited, that is, it can increase the viewing area of the camera. The PTZ camera can generally achieve 360° rotation, but it can only monitor one position at the same time. There are three ways to rotate the gimbal:

  1. Use the mobile phone to control the rotation.
  2. Automatic rotation.
  3. Set the positioning.

Night vision function: The night vision capability of smart cameras is generally realized through infrared light supplementation, and the night vision distance is generally 10 meters. However, since the images monitored at night are reflected infrared rays, the recorded images are all in black and white, but more advanced cameras also have color images.

Storage method: Many cameras on the market support SD card storage and cloud storage. SD card storage only needs to insert a memory card into the camera body, without occupying the network. The disadvantage is that when the camera is lost, the video will also be lost. Cloud storage generally requires payment, but it has high security.

Installation method: Mainly divided into wired and wireless. Wired security cameras require special wiring to connect wires, and the transmission will be more stable, but it is more troublesome to install. The wireless security camera only needs to be connected to the power supply, and it is more convenient to install and use by connecting to the network through wifi, but the transmission stability is not as good as that of the wired security camera.

Two-way audio:Most cameras on the market support two-way voice calls, making it easier for you to take care of the elderly and children, and scare away thieves.

Privacy: To prevent others from hacking the camera, please try to buy products from big brands with good reputations.

The best security camera systems for your home

Here are thebest security productsrecommended for you.

Security Camera System for Home: Pick One for Your Family

Campark SC09 4MP Wireless 10x Hybrid Zoom 360° PTZ Outdoor Security Camera


Resolution: 1080P

Field of View: Horizontal: 355°, Vertical: 90°

SD card slot: SD card storage (maximum 128G)

Waterproof: IP66

Night Vision: 100ft/30M

Zoom: 10x hybrid zoom

The Campark SC09 dual-camera captures 4MP ultra-high-definition images, with options for black and white and color night vision. It can provide 10x hybrid zoom and 360° coverage for all-around monitoring without dead ends. Two-way audio and IP66 water resistance. Both cloud and local storage adopt the latest encryption technology, and no one can access your information without your permission, effectively protecting your privacy.

Security Camera System for Home: Pick One for Your Family

Campark W300 4Pcs 1080P WiFi Security Camera System With 3TB Hard Drive


Plug and Play, IP66 Waterproof

1080P Resolution, 110° Wide View Angle

Remote Access, Smart Motion Alerts

Private Wireless Communication

Support local alarm for motion detection, APP alarm

Support three recording modes: timing/movement/alarm

Support WEB, APP, PC client remote preview and playback

The Campark W300 comes with a pre-installed 3TB hard drive and is plug-and-play. Remote Wifi connection. 1080P FHD resolution can provide you with clear images no matter day or night. Supports motion detection and email alerts, IP66 waterproof, and 24/7 recording. is the best wireless security system.

Security Camera System for Home: Pick One for Your Family

Campark SC02 4MP Solar Powered Outdoor Security Camera System with Base Station


Resolution: 4MP ( 2560 x 1440P)

night vision distance: 33ft (10m)

Connectivity Technology: Wireless

Viewing Angle: 120°

2-Way Audio: Built-in microphone and loudspeaker

Smart security: Smart PIR Motion Detect and Instant

Alerts Data Storage: 128G SD Card/ Cloud Storage

Waterproof rating: IP65

Base station power/Camera power supply: DC/5V

The maximum connection distance between the base and the camera: is 90ft-160ft(30m-50m)

Each camera is equipped with a 2W solar panel, you only need to charge the camera once before use, and then install the solar camera in a sunny location to ensure that the solar panel receives the maximum sunlight and provides uninterrupted power for the camera. Without the hassle of electrical wiring, you can place the camera anywhere you want to monitor it. 4MP high-definition resolution, the outdoor solar camera provides you with all the details of the monitoring area, 5 times magnification, easy to view every detail within the coverage area, without missing any suspicious points.

Security Camera System for Home: Pick One for Your Family

Campark SC12 3MP Outdoor Wireless 4G LTE Cellular Security Camera No WiFi Dome Cam with Solar Panel & SIM Card


Resolution: 3MP 2304*1296P/15fps

Motion detection: 8 m

Night Vision Mode: Black & White/Full Color Night Vision

Charging method: 5V type-c interface / 4W solar charging

Battery: 2 21700 lithium batteries, 8000mah capacity

Audio: Two-way audio

Storage: Micro SD card, max 128G/paid cloud storage

Waterproof grade: IP66

Networking method: 4G LTE

This solar-powered 4G LTE cellular camera works anywhere in the country with 4G LTE coverage. The plan includes a prepaid 4G LTE SIM card with 100M free data and supports AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile data service providers. 2K resolution, also features 355° pan, 90° tilt and 5x digital zoom. 100% wireless, no wifi required, you can manage all camera settings, receive and share video, monitor in real-time, and manage your data plan through the mobile app, even if you are on the other side of the country.

Campark SC12 includes a 4G LTE SIM card with 100M free data for you to test. 2K resolution, also features 355° pan, 90° tilt and 5x digital zoom. 100% wireless, no wifi required, you can manage all camera settings, receive and share video, monitor in real-time, and manage your data plan through the mobile app, even if you are on the other side of the country.

Tips for using your security camera system

When purchasing a security camera, please choose a big brand security camera.

  1. The security cameras of big brands have core technology, which can protect personal privacy from being leaked.
  2. Even if there are after-sales problems, they can solve the problems for you immediately.
  3. The product quality is guaranteed, and a professional technical team provides consulting and technical services for the product.

Campark is a company you can trust and you can be sure you are getting a quality product. If you have any questions or unclear places, please feel free to contact us.

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