Are you disturbed with animals trespassing on your farmland? Is the recent news of burglary incidents in the neighborhood causing your apprehensions? Appointing of security guards is definitely an option but would you not go for a better resort if given a choice?

After all, the human capability has limitations which can make your properties susceptible to theft and stealing at an equally alarming rate.

Thieves beware, police say trail cameras are the best security guard!

If your mind is already navigating through a list of alternatives, then let us share with you the unbelievable uses of 12mp game camera in preventing illegitimate intrusions and monitoring. Let us now begin unraveling the true potentials of these cams.

High-resolution video quality

Since the police are respectable authorities who cannot utter irresponsible statements, then surely their observation on the finesse of trail cam is definitely backed with facts. Although you might get overwhelmed with plenty of options available in the market it always pays to trust the best.

Thieves beware, police say trail cameras are the best security guard!

Campark cams reflect tremendous innovations that have gone into their manufacturing. Its high definition resolution is truly unmatched that lets you monitor farm and catch that invasive species that are creating menace therein. Apart from the 12mp edition, you can also choose the waterproof trail camera 14mp that delivers even better visual clarity.

Wide detection angle

This feature is even more pertinent for the 12mp cam that entails wide area coverage of 120 degrees expediting the shooting and monitoring of the objects. All you have to do is to secure the trail cam against a tree and then its motion sensors will calibrate the camera for taking pictures and shoot videos. It does not require a saying but this functional facet is indispensable for ensuring the security of your house.

Thieves beware, police say trail cameras are the best security guard!

No glow with infrared lights

Very much unlike the outdated cam models, wireless game cameras are equipped with advanced infrared LEDs. It makes sure that no flashes are produced while images are getting clicked. While the 12 mp trail cam supports infrared LED powered at 42pcs, its slight upgraded variant of 14 mp boasts of 44 pcs negligible glow infrared.

Thieves beware, police say trail cameras are the best security guard!

If you have been looking for a private camera for security, then do pick out Campark trails without any vacillations. Not only do they send no alert to the intruders, but also allow catching of the miscreants red-handed thereby averting grave mishaps.

Water resistant properties

Campark cameras can endure uncertainties of weather and be placed for outside security all throughout the season. Thus, you can have a sigh of relief on that front. On being a waterproof wildlife camera, the trail is sturdy and provides unimpeded service even in rain and storms. The 12mp model has a waterproof level of IP56, whereas, the 14mp edition promises water resistance at IP66. You must be amazed to know all these beneficial features, aren’t you?

Opting for a trail camera for security exhibits your wisdom in making life’s decision. Basically, why would have gone for a security guard that has efficiency loopholes and also involves higher cost? Trail cams of Campark are the best and cost-effective solution to your safety needs.