Why is there the idea that a projector will replace the TV? It turns out that because of these five points,maybe I understand.

For a long time, projectors have always given us the idea of office and education supplies. Few people think it is a kind of household appliances, but with the continuous progress of the times and technology, more and more people start to use smart projectors instead of TV in home, why is this?

The first is the price. With the continuous progress of science 、 technology and the improvement of living standards, the price of projectors is getting lower and lower. It is no longer as out of reach as before, and even some high-end projectors are slightly more expensive than our traditional TVs.

The second point is that the projector is smaller than the TV and takes up less space. Now the projector has achieved auto focus and no longer needs to be fixed in one place as before.Flexible location movement and it can adjust display size.

Third, the rise of Android makes projectors more powerful. Due to the Android system, the current projector has powerful functions. In addition to the traditional screen projection and connection with the computer and mobile phone, it also realizes bluetooth and WiFi routing function. It can be said that it is a projection TV with low power consumption and large viewing size.

Fourth, although our traditional TVs are updated very quickly, they are also getting bigger and bigger, and the projector will be smaller and more convenient.Let you have a good movie watching experience at home, and it is very friendly to movie enthusiasts、gaming activity、business people working from home.

The fifth and most important point. At present, the brightness of the projector is getting higher and higher. This can be very clear even in daytime scenes, and the service life of the lamp has also become longer, usually use 100,000 hours, assuming use it 10 hours per day, you can constanly use it for 15 years.


Here is the review of high praise customers about Jeemak projector:

 A:I was pretty impressed with the ease of setup and the picture quality.   The picture is easy to adjust for squareness and height. It would do well for a back yard movie in the summer or a massive screen for watching sports.  

B:I have used several projectors both for business presentations and video entertainment.

The first thing I noticed right out of the box is that the projector comes with its own custom case which is slightly bigger than the average lunchbox. A nice accessory which makes it easy to transport. The next thing I noticed was that the unit is small and extremely light weight yet very well-made.

The colors are vivid and bold and the projector is very bright. Works great on any wall and the looks are even more striking when a projector screen is used. You can buy a cloth projector screen that is very light and folds up and hangs anywhere indoors or outdoors for under $30.00.

I tested the unit by watching a movie using each of the inputs and I used different devices to do that. First I used the USB and SD Card inputs. Then I used my iPad/iPhone connected to HDMI input. (I had to buy an inexpensive adaptor), That worked very well. Then I connected my Fire TV Stick to an HDMI input and that rendered dramatic images and vivid colors with great resolution.

I am looking forward to use this projector outside on the patio during summer barbaques and to take it on trips as well.

C:This projector is a little pricier than some of the alternatives, but the price is justified. The picture quality is bright and clear, and the unit has two adjustment knobs to focus the image - one for standard focus, and the other to offset the lens if the unit is placed at an angle, which is a nice touch. The bag and accessories it comes with feels perfect for making this a lightweight, travelling projector for those who want to have an additional display wherever they go, or for outdoor watch parties. One big plus I noticed is that the fan is much quieter than some other projectors I've seen, which might not be important for outdoor use, but is more noticeable indoor.