Are you tired of those shaky out of focus images and blurry videos that you took on the last adventure trip? Well, an action camera for your next trip can be the boon as you will no longer have to rely on the heavy and bulky digital cameras or DSLRs that are a bit too difficult to carry and operate during an action.

Now you might wonder whether these pocket-size cameras can bring out the best result as a conventional digital camera. Worry no more as these cameras have high resolution support and electronic image stabilization so that your actions are never out of focus or missed. Here are the best action cameras from Campark that are worth the hype -


Best Action Cameras


Campark X15 16MP 4K Action Camera


With video resolution combinations like 4K at 25fps, 2.7K at 30fps, 1080P at 60fps and 720P at 120fps, you get crystal clear footages with this action camera. The available image resolutions include 4MP, 5MP, 8MP, 12MP and 16MP. Both the JPG images and the MOV videos can be previewed on the 2" IPS touchscreen that is also convenient for choosing camera operations. Working within a wide temperature range of -10°C to 55°C, the camera has two batteries while the waterproof case supports up to 30 meters under water.


Best Action Cameras


Campark X35 24MP 4K Action Camera


Campark X35 is the best camera for vloggers with its MP4 video resolutions of 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30fps, 1080P/120fps, 60fps and 30fps, 720P/240fps, 120fps, 60fps and 30fps and JPG image resolutions of 8MP, 13MP, 16MP, 20MP and 24MP. Available with two 1050mAh Li-ion batteries and 40 meters waterproof case, the camera lets you choose field of view from narrow to medium and wide i.e. 170°. For long exposure shots, choose the duration from Auto to 2, 5, 10, 15 and 30 seconds. The XDV Pro app lets you preview and share footages over mobile device.


Buy Campark X35 Action Camera 4K 24MP Wi-Fi Underwater Waterproof Camera  2022 – Campark - Focus on Cameras


Campark V40 20MP 4K Waterproof Camera


Listed among the best action cameras in 2022, Campark V40 lets you toggle between 2" large color rear screen and 1.2" front color screen easily. 6-axis gyroscope with EIS offers unmatched stabilization that you do not need a gimbal even while taking a 4x slow motion footage. The camera body is waterproof for 10 meters while the waterproof case is suitable for 40 meters under water. Use iSmart DV app on mobile to access the images and videos with the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot of the camera.


Campark V40


Campark X30 20MP Native 4K Waterproof Action Camera


While choosing the best cameras for vlogging, the Campark X30 is worth mentioning for its video resolutions of 3200x1800P at 60fps, 3840x2160p at 30fps, 2.7K at 30fps, 1080P at 120fps and 720P at 240fps. Image resolutions can be chosen from 8MP, 13MP, 16MP and 20MP. Apart from default 170° field of view, you can choose narrow and medium while distortion correction can be turned on and off.

White balance can be adjusted from Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Incandescent and Fluorescent. Apart from 40 meters waterproof case, the camera comes with two batteries, slot dock charger, Wi-Fi remote control and app compatibility.


Campark X20C 20MP Native 4K Camera With Remote Control


The best budget action camera 2022, Campark ACTMAN X20C ensures that you get detailed and clear 3840x2160 (4K) videos at 30fps or choose from 2K at 30fps, 1080P at 120fps, 60fps and 30fps, 720P at 240fps, 120fps, 60fps and 30fps. You can choose image resolutions from 8MP, 12MP, 16MP and 20MP. 2.4GHz wireless waterproof remote control for wrist lets you operate the camera while indulging in action. With continuous shooting turned on, you can take 3, 5 and 10 photos in one go. Two 1050mAh batteries and a 40 meter waterproof case are available with the camera.


Best Action Cameras


Campark also has Campark ACT74A 20MP 4K Waterproof Camera, Campark V30 20MP Native 4K Camera, Campark ACT76 4K Waterproof Camera and Campark X40 20MP 4K Waterproof Camera that you can consider.