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I love this camera! Bought to capture our fall hunting experiences. It worked great. The video quality is great. I will note that I have only filmed on 1080p, due to the fact that I don't have a 4k TV.

Here's some of my comments from my overall impression:


- Price: I feel that this is a good camera for the price, compared to a GoPro setup. For someone not making movies and just wanting to capture some fun events, this is a way better option.
- Compact and lightweight. It readily slipped into my pocket to be carried on foot or horseback
- Seems to be sturdy and not flimsy
- Selection of accessories that came with this should be almost everything I would need. I would have liked it to include a headband attachment so I could wear it over my ball cap. I was able to purchase one for cheap on Amazon, so not a big deal.
- Remote control works AWESOME!!!


- Some of the language used in the menus is confusing. For example, in the Auto Shutdown menu, it lists 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and Close. I was wanting a setting where it would stay on all the time so it would be ready to shoot whenever I was (understanding this would kill the battery, but when hunting, you need to be ready all the time). With some experimenting I was able to determine that the Close setting was actually this. With Close on, it never auto shutdown. They should rename Close as Never.
- Startup time. This thing takes a long time to startup. Upwards of 8 seconds sometimes. Not a deal killer, but an annoyance. To mitigate, I have to leave the camera on all the time to catch the shots when they happen.
- Wish it came with an external charger. Have to take the camera out of the housing to charge each time.
- Not great video in low light conditions. This camera does best in full daylight.
Overall I am really happy with this camera and got some great shots of our hunts so far this fall. Also, NOTE, I originally had difficulty with viewing the videos on my computer. All I would get is fuzzy picture accompanying the sound and the occasional green screen. I ran the video through Sony's free Action Cam Movie Creator software, and then it spit out fully functional videos. I assume that this is due to me using an older computer that can't process or view 1080p.
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