Regarding slow motion shooting, novices will reflect directly: it has something to do with the frame rate! The higher the frame rate, the slower the video will look. According to this logic, if you set the frame rate to 60 or 120 when shooting, you will eventually find that the video material has still many problems, such as underexposure and flickering.

If you have the relevant knowledge about slow motion video, you can avoid these problems before shooting. The following tips and tricks may be helpful to everyone.

How to Record Slow Motion Video

Use a slow motion camera

Campark V40 action camera, for example, with slow-motion mode.

Turn on the camera, tap the mode icon to enter the video mode menu.


Adjust the shutter speed
If strange artifacts appear when shooting slow-motion videos, and you need to make sure that the shutter speed is 1/2 of the frame rate. For example, if you choose 60fps, please set the shutter speed to 1/120 (or the closest value). If you choose 120fps, please set the shutter speed to 1/250 (or the closest value). So that the two match!

Enough light
Since your shutter speed is much faster, naturally less light hits the sensor. This means that the image will appear darker. So in order to get a proper exposure effect, please make sure that there is enough light in the shooting scene.

Pay attention to the flicker problem
Now you have enough light for exposure, but what kind of light source is used in the scene? Some light sources will have a "flicker" problem during video playback. There are many light sources that can avoid the flicker problem for you to use, or you can calculate the pulse frequency of the light source and your own camera settings to ensure that the unsightly frequency is not generated. 

Picture speed is too slow
Should action videos be as slow as possible? This is not always the case. From 24fps to 1000fps, each frame rate setting will produce a unique visual effect.

Even if your camera can shoot 240fps slow-motion video, it may also bring some problems, such as: the image resolution is low, the aesthetic effect may not be as good as the 120fps frame rate, which is more suitable for your shooting project.

Before actually shooting slow motion video, you might as well do some tests. Please make sure that there is enough light on site to avoid stroboscopic problems. Of course, the focus of the image is accurate.

You are the master of your own life. If you want to abandon all the suggested techniques and try various new practices, then go for it! Please feel free to experiment with slow-motion shooting techniques and keep exploring and discovering so that you can also create new and cool visual effects for everyone.