The best value dash cam is a new multi-functional high-tech product with high-definition DV camera, camera, recording, and preview; external SD/TF card memory. It is mainly used for car shooting, effectively improving the evidence collection and driving safety accidents. Trip records, location shooting. Suitable for daily life, tourism, outdoor activities, business trips, etc. Automatic video recording when driving, automatic saving when parking, no manual operation at all, convenient and worry-free.

It adopts the recording method of cyclic coverage, automatically overwrites the earliest video after the memory card is full, and can be used continuously without worrying about the capacity of the memory card. Small size, convenient installation, no need to destroy the original structure of the vehicle. The operation is simple, the operation is automatically detected after the power is turned on, and it has a power-off protection function. When the power is suddenly cut off, it will automatically delay and save the last picture, so that the most critical video will not be lost due to the power-off.

How to debug the dash camera

Turn on and off

(1) Long press the power button to turn on or off.

(2) When the charger is connected, the dvr will automatically turn on, and when the charger is disconnected, it will automatically turn off after a delay of 5 seconds.

Video mode

After the dvr is turned on, it will automatically enter the recording state, and the recording indicator will flash. When recording, press ok to stop.

Note: Please insert the SD card before use.

Photo mode

After powering on, press the mode button to select the camera mode, and press the ok button to take a photo.

Preview mode

After booting, press the mode button to select the preview mode, press the up/down button to select the video file, press the ok button to play or pause, and press the mode button to exit.

Av out function

Use the av cable to connect the dvr to an output terminal such as high-definition tv, you can record and browse and play video files on tv.

Screen display switching

After the dvr is turned on, press the switch button to switch between the three display states of the front lens display, the rear lens display and the dual simultaneous display.

Screen saver function

When the dvr is in standby or recording, short press the power button to turn on or off the screen saver function.

Motion detection function

Set the <motion detection> item in the system menu to <on> to activate the motion detection function. When an object moves in front of the dvr, the dvr will automatically start recording. When the object stops moving, it will automatically stop recording and enter the detection standby state.

When exiting the motion detection, the motion detection function is automatically turned off.

Infrared night vision function

In the power-on state, press the right key to turn on or off the rear lens infrared light.

Date and time setting

After power on, press the menu key to enter the setting options menu, press the key to select the "date setting" option, press the ok key to enter the next menu, use the mode key/switch key/up key/down key to set the year, month, day, Adjust the time. After all settings are complete, press the ok key to confirm and exit the sub-menu.


dvr connect dc

5v charger, usb

Both the 5v charger or the computer usb interface can be charged. The red indicator light is on when charging, and the red indicator light is off when it is fully charged.

Connect to computer

1.U disk function: connect the dvr to the computer with a usb data cable, on the dvr screen display interface, select the usb-disk item, and press the ok key to enter the u disk mode.


Camera function: connect dvr to computer with usb data cable,

On the dvr screen display interface, press the scroll key to select the pc-camera item, and press the ok key to enter the pc

Camera mode, a standard video device will appear on the computer at this time.

3.Use computer usb to record: connect the dvr to the computer with a usb data cable. On the dvr screen display interface, select the rec-mode item and press the ok key to automatically enter the recording state.

System reset

If an abnormal situation occurs during the use of the equipment, please press the reset button once, and the system will automatically reset.

How to install the dash camera

Generally speaking, the driving recorder is installed with the rear-view mirror.

As long as the driving record is not visible in the direction of the driver, this position is the best.

However, it is also necessary to make sure that it is safe when fixing it. Now most recorders are fixed by suction cups. If the suction cup is not tightly sucked, it is easy to fall off.

In addition, the recorder must be installed within the working range of the wiper, otherwise, in rainy weather, the driving record can only take water.

Generally speaking, 1/3 of the screen in the driving recorder should be the engine cover compartment. When the recorder starts to work, the joints of the bracket must be locked, so as to prevent the best dash camera from moving.

People also ask these questions

How long do dash cameras record for?

A dash cam for car can hold approximately up to two hours' worth of recording on a 16GB Micro SD card before it overwrites the oldest recordings.

Does dash camera work when car is off?

Dash cams typically just turn on and off with the engine, automatically recording video while you drive. Best dash cam can also be set up to stay on and keep recording even when the car is parked and the engine is off, thereby functioning as a surveillance camera system while you're away from your vehicle.

Do dash cameras record all the time?

In order to record all the time you are driving, dash cams are designed to record on a “loop”. Once the recording space is full, it will start to record over the data that is oldest. So your device will always preserve the most recent data. The dash cam will record directly onto a standard format SD card.

Is it worth getting a dash cam?

Why install a best budget dash cam? They're an effective way to see how we and others drive, and useful for finding out who was at fault in a car accident. And if you ever break down, a best affordable dash cam can act as a GPS tracker which can help the emergency services find you.

This article introduces the rechargeable dash cam from 4 aspects, I hope it will be helpful to you.