Before this year,being able to work from home seems to be a luxury, and some employers even use it as a preferential treatment or reward to employees. However, in 2020, most of the work that can be done by computers will be transformed into this once-fantasy lifestyle. We wear pajamas all day and our pets become colleagues.

Some people are lucky enough to have the privilege of working remotely, but as we can transition from this "temporary solution" to a more permanent situation, there is also a period of adjustment. As we integrate our work into our homes, it is clear that in order to actually complete the work effectively, we need to make our residence more office-like.

So, how do become more efficient while work from home?


Step 1:  Prepare a suitable working space for yourself

Freeing up a room at home as an office location will provide you physical and mental space for performing tasks.It requires clean and not messy at least.

For beginners, please avoid putting your laptop on the bed-this space is dedicated to sleep; avoid using the living room sofa as an office chair-this space is dedicated to relax.

You can even consider your dress. Better not wear pajamas,too casual clothes. With your office space, as time goes by, your attention will be more focused on work.

An ergonomic office chair to ensure that you feel comfortable within 8 hours of work every day. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair for a long time will affect the lumbar spine. There is a series of top office chairs for you to choose. They can keep you upright, awake, and focused. In addition choose a desk that is only used for work and treat it like at office.

In addition, the items you need in your daily work, whether it is sticky notes, cups or calculators etc., must be kept nearby. This means that your supplies are easy to access and will not affect your work efficiency. The longer it takes to find something, the more it will divert your attention.


Step 2:  Purchase some office supplies

 You may have been accustomed to using a laptop computer for office work at home, but this is somewhat inconvenient. Because the laptop screen is relatively small, it is difficult to see the screen and affects your eyesight.

So you need to choose a computer monitor. There are many well-known brands to choose, such as HP. HP has been an expert in office settings for decades, so we are not surprised to see them in the top list of computer monitors.

And once you turn your attention to improving home office settings, you will have the tools needed to form work-centric habits.Such as have a high-definition webcam, allowing you to have a great perspective during video meetings or calls with your boss and colleagues when you are work at home;With a microphone, you can easily conduct clear conversations and recordings.This webcam with microphone, Campark 1080P Autofocus USB Webcams with Privacy Shutter for Mac 、PC、 Laptop 、Video Calling、 Skype Conferencing、 Gaming Live.

Along with the new computer monitor and webcam, you can also consider the official desk. Some people prefer a fixed desk, and some people prefer a flexible one. Also according to your office space, decide what size desk to buy.Don't forget to accompany a chair that matches the desk!

The big items are decided, then look at the small office supplies. Such as keyboard, mouse, folder, etc. Office supplies can be regarded as tools to help you work. The more tools you have in the office, the more likely you are to focus on solving problems.


It's time to fulfill the dream of working from home, as there are many things worth trying.