Choosing the best trail camera 2022 can get quite difficult when you have so many options in the market and each offers different or better features. Campark maintains the industry standard in its trail cameras so that wildlife monitoring, farm surveillance, game species tracking and other outdoorsy jobs get easy. Once you have shortlisted the cameras, it is important to check for a few factors that will make the job convenient. Here are the five steps to make the best out of trail cameras – 


Utilize Solar Power And Keep Spare Batteries


As a pioneering brand to combine solar energy with trail cameras, Campark brings you  solar powered game camera that come with a non-detachable solar panel fixed on top. Choosing a solar powered camera ensures that you do not have to worry about the camera turning off suddenly due to power exhaustion of the batteries.


campark trail camera


The Campark T200 model, for example, has solar panels that utilize the solar energy throughout the day and convert it into electricity. It also comes with built-in 2500 mAh batteries that will work seamlessly at night in temperature ranging between 00 and 600 C. 


Make Sure The Animals Do Not Get Alarmed


One of the most discussed issues in wildlife monitoring is not to disturb them in their habitat especially at night and Campark makes sure that it has no-glow night vision so that the wildlife remain oblivious of the camera. When you choose the game trail camera like Campark T45A, it offers a super infrared night vision that is equipped with 42 pieces of 850nm LEDs that makes sure that no moment or movement is lost as the animals behave naturally.


campark trail camera


Another model Campark T200 has 38 pieces of infrared LEDs that cover a range of 20 meters while offering a low-powered beam to capture the images and videos of animals when they pass at night.  


Access Mobile Compatible Camera App To Check Media


You would not find a wildlife camera useful or convenient if you have to detach it from the mount from time to time to check footages. Campark, therefore, launches the Android and iOS compatible app called Game Camera Pro that offers easy viewing and downloading of the footages by using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


campark trail camera


For example, in Campark T150, you need to turn on Bluetooth from the app, choose the device, turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the camera hotspot.  


Install The Camera High And At Proper Angle


To make the best out of the footages, you should always mount the camera high on the tree branch or a pole. The Campark trail cameras are certified as waterproof and dustproof with IP66 rating and therefore, are suitable to work effortlessly in conditions like rain forest, frost, snow, mountains, hot desert etc. At the same time, you will want to capture a wide area in which the Campark T180 model covers 120-degree field of view reducing blind spots. 


campark T180 solar camera


Choose Camera With High Resolution


The top trail camera like Campark T100 and T200 will provide images at 30 MP resolution and videos at 4K resolution so that the footages can be played even on big screen for documentary purposes. On the other hand, Campark T85 offers 1296P HD videos with 20MP image resolutions that also bring clear detailed footages. With these, you should also look for fast trigger speed, continuous shooting and time lapse.


campark trail camera


To get the best results, you can use T-posts and mounts to hold the camera straight when trees are not around. You can also face the camera north to get footages with optimum light.