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Security cameras are very important to any home and require creative installation options as security camera options have increased. While drilling holes in the wall or ceiling is usually the fastest and safest way to install a camera, it's not always an option. But if you don't want to ruin your house's perfect trim or brand-new siding, or you rent an apartment that doesn't allow you to drill holes for security cameras. You might be interested in this article about alternative ways to install security cameras without drilling.

How to install surveillance cameras without drilling

Vinyl siding clip hooks

Simply roll the hook into any seam of vinyl or aluminum siding for flexible camera positioning. Thereis no drilling, no screws or nails, and no damage to the siding. And it is very easy to install and remove. So,you can specify which hook hangs where.

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The tripod features a 6" long adjustable arm wrappedaround poles and branches or used as a supporting tripod leg, providing multiple mounting options for your camera. The tripod features three aluminumlegs wrapped in high-density rubber, allowing you to adjust the camera at various angles for excellent viewing angles. The Octopus Tripod holds your equipment securely in place (without harming your camera) and grabs anything imaginable, such as railings, posts, and tree branches. This type of tripod isn't for everyone, but it's common.

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Gutter support

It requires no drilling, as it has two locking bolts to keep it firmly in place on the gutter and an adjustable pivot for more flexibility.Just clip it to the gutter, and it can be easily moved or repositioned. This is perfect for a renter or someone who rents out their home.

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Clamp bracket

The tripod clamp has a 360° swivel mini ball head and 1/4-inchthread for any suitable situation. Allows you to secure the camera with screws on the side of the clip, with adjustable arms on top that can be pushed down to hold the camera securely. Allows you to clip anywhere, such as backgrounds, tables, boats, cribs, workbenches, etc.

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Magnetic stand

This type of mount has strong adhesive tape on the back that allows you to stick the metal base to the wall. In this method, a magnetic mount is attached to a flat area of the wall, and the camera's "U"-shaped mounting bracket is slid onto it. This type of bracket is very strong, but it can be difficult to remove - so think about how you plan to use it before installing it permanently on the wall.

Double-sided tape

So, you don't need to drill or screw anything in, just stick double-sided tape on the wall and camera to fix it. However, the double-sided tape and velcro can be a bit permanent if left on the surface for an extended period.

Best Adhesives for Surveillance Cameras

Adhesives to aid in mounting security cameras. include:

  • 3M Command Adhesive Strip
  • Duct tape
  • Acrylic glue

NOTE: When using this adhesive, this adhesive should be applied to the bottom of the camera and allowed to dry for a fewhours. Makesure there is no other adhesive on the bottom of the camera then it will work more effectively.

Install Security Cameras Without Drilling: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Before installing a surveillance camera, you must determine where to place the camera. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the camera and router, plan wiring paths, and monitor locations. Determine the length of your Ethernet extension cable.
  2. According to the installation location, select and determine the above installation method. The mounting camera can be further fixed with adhesive or industrial 3M Strip.
  3. Connect the ethernet cable from the camera to the router.
  4. Download and launch the app on your smartphone.
  5. When your surveillance camera and mobile phone are connected to the same router, the camera will be automatically added to the app, and you can live broadcast immediately. Check that your entire system can connect to make sure everything is working.
2023's Top No-Drill Security Cameras: The Ultimate Guide

Drill-free surveillance camera recommendation

Campark AP35 1080P Wireless Rechargeable Security Camera and Campark SC13 2MP 2.4G WiFi Battery Portable No Glow Night Vision Live Feed Nanny Camera

These two cameras are perfect for hanging around the house, you can put them on a shelf in the corner of the room, on top of the refrigerator, or the wall, just make sure your security camera is close to an electrical outlet and can be connected to your router. You can try this security camera without installation, no need to worry about drilling holes!

If you have any questions about no-drill security camera installations or have any DIY projects you'd like to share with us, feel free to get in touch with Campark.

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