With the advancement of science and technology, the application and popularity of artificial intelligence are gradually increasing. Artificial intelligence is the ability of systems or programs to think and learn from experience. This article will explain the types, application occasions, advantages, and disadvantages of artificial intelligence, focus on the analysis of the application of artificial intelligence in security cameras, and help you understand the safety and security that artificial intelligence brings to our lives.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a broad branch of computer science that involves building intelligent machines that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Artificial intelligence can simulate human behavior or thinking, train with a large amount of data, and make intelligent answers.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

According to the type and complexity of tasks that the system can perform, it can be divided into four types of artificial intelligence: reactive machine, limited memory, theory of mind, and self-awareness.

Reactive: Reactive machines cannot store memory, cannot rely on experience to obtain real-time decision-making, and can only use their intelligence to respond to problems and only focus on one field of work.

Examples: Google's AlphaGo, IBM Deep Blue

Limited Memory: AI with limited memory can store previous predictions and data, and use experience or memory to find the right clues or answers when faced with a problem.

Examples: voice assistants on mobile devices, perception and navigation for robots

Theory of Mind: A Theory of Mind AI can understand thoughts and emotions, and can also interact socially. This means that artificial intelligence can make decisions through self-reflection and judgment. But so far, this type of artificial intelligence has not been built.

Self-awareness: Self-awareness will be the next generation of Theory of Mind, an artificial intelligence that has human-level awareness and can understand what other people may need based on what they communicate with. However, this type of artificial intelligence is also temporarily unbuilt.

Common Applications of Artificial Intelligence

The Application of Artificial Intelligence In Lifestyle

Self-driving Car

Some car manufacturing companies will use machine learning to train computers to think like humans when driving in any environment, to achieve safe driving and avoid traffic accidents.

Face Recognition

The facial recognition technology commonly used in mobile phones and computers in daily life is detected and identified through facial filters to ensure safe access for users.

Recommended System

The social media, entertainment websites, and other platforms we use in our daily life use recommendation systems to obtain user data, to provide users with professional and personalized recommendations to increase participation.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce

Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Virtual shopping assistants and chat robotics formed by artificial intelligence can improve the user experience of consumers when shopping online. After the technical design, the conversation can sound as human and personalized as possible, and it can also interact with customers in real-time.

Personalized Shopping

Artificial intelligence technology can recommend products suitable for customers based on their browsing records, preferences, and interests. Helps increase customer loyalty to the brand and improve customer relationships.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Navigation

GPS technology can provide users with real-time and accurate information by automatically monitoring road obstacles and road types. Many logistics companies will make extensive use of artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiency. The commonly used Google Maps can also analyze road traffic and optimize routes by using location data from smartphones.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in The Field of Robotics

The field of robotics is also an occasion where artificial intelligence is widely used. Robots equipped with artificial intelligence drivers can use real-time updates to detect obstacles in the driving path and take preventive actions.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Chat Robotics

With the continuous innovation and upgrading of artificial intelligence, these chat robotics can use machine learning very effectively to solve customer problems, and being online 24/7 can improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction. The more common one is the Chat GPT artificial intelligence chat robot, which can generate answers in various formats according to different questions asked by users.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Games

The NPC that often appears in the game is the most widely used artificial intelligence in the game field. AI in the game field can be used to predict human behavior and improve the game experience.

Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Security Cameras

Improve Camera Alert Accuracy

In general, traditional motion monitoring systems are susceptible to false alarms. Alarm reminders may be generated due to some troubles. When security cameras are equipped with artificial intelligence systems, it improves situational awareness. Not only can people, vehicles and objects be finely divided, but also suspicious behavior can be detected.

Better Ability to Recognize Objects

Object recognition refers to recognizing items in images or recordings, and is a type of computer vision. Traditional security cameras cannot detect potential safety hazards in objects that are difficult to identify. Surveillance equipped with artificial intelligence can not only identify objects with high precision and accuracy but also classify objects based on factors such as shape, size, and likelihood of belonging to nearby people.

Improve Customer Product Experience

Some security cameras equipped with artificial intelligence have facial recognition functions, and the extremely high accuracy can serve as a useful assistant for some traditional access control.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Improve Work Efficiency

Artificial intelligence is used in almost every field, such as medical care, education, sports, science, entertainment, etc. The use of artificial intelligence can help humans complete related tasks faster and more accurately.

Reduce Risk

The emergence of artificial intelligence can overcome many dangerous limitations of human beings, such as exploring the deepest seabed, oil and coal mining, etc. Can help humanity in any worst or worst situation. AI can also intervene or prevent potential dangers from occurring.

Reduce Human Error

Artificial intelligence uses previously stored data to use a set of algorithms to reduce the chance of error to improve the precision and accuracy of the work done.

24/7 Real-time Online

Artificial intelligence does not need to rest and can work without interruption. Continuously receive customer needs and questions and automatically answer them in real-time, which improves customer loyalty and improves user experience.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence

Production Costs Are Too High

The emergence, update, and upgrade of artificial intelligence require a lot of human and financial resources.

Limited Creativity

Although artificial intelligence can learn the latest data and store experience through the development of time, to obtain a set of standardized output results, it is temporarily unable to reach the point where it can create and innovate by itself.

Lack of Emotion

Artificial intelligence is an electronic technology that, even if programmed to read and understand human emotions, does not consider emotional impact when making sensitive decisions. It only considers the stored data to make relevant decisions.

Some Jobs Are Replaced By AI

As artificial intelligence is widely used in more and more fields, some jobs will be lost. Because artificial intelligence can work 24 hours a day, it can easily handle some repetitive tasks that previously required humans to complete.

AI current challenges

Lack of Data

A lot of data is unique or isolated, which means that many companies have data silos or lack data, and some data cannot interact across lines. Most of the artificial intelligence projects in Douyu are related to data storage and management. The lack of certain data will lead to artificial intelligence not being able to complete tasks well or update and upgrade.

Lack of Professional Knowledge And Skills

Artificial intelligence is a complex field by any measure, requiring specialized skills and knowledge. When many companies hire employees to develop and manage artificial intelligence projects, they need to increase investment to build a strong core team to overcome the difficulties faced in the development and utilization of artificial intelligence.

Time And Cost

The time and cost involved in developing and managing AI is prohibitive. For some small and medium-sized enterprises, the cost of software, hardware, and developers has risen sharply, which will make enterprises justify artificial intelligence investment. It takes a certain amount of time for artificial intelligence to take effect, so before that, companies can consider its development benefits based on artificial intelligence management plans.

Network Security And Ethical Considerations

Some artificial intelligence may touch the area of data privacy and bias, bring the internet attacks, and finally may raise ethical and legal issues. When developing and using artificial intelligence, necessary measures should be taken to prevent these potential threats and avoid ethical violations.