Do spooky things entice you? Well, you must try using wireless trail camera for capturing mysterious photos when traveling alone or with friends. Its 20m and 65 fit detecting ranges can capture detailed images in the dark.

On another note, would like to know some of the creepiest shots ever caught on trail camera? Not only will these images make you laud the trail camera quality, but also send shivers down on your spine.

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Bloodied buck

It is one of the goriest photos ever of an animal. This picture shows a poor buck that has his faced covered in blood. The viewers may find it difficult to draw an answer from this image. Was it in a fight with another fellow buck? But who can tell the real story! Nevertheless, the picture is quite frightening.

Cat fallen victim to an owl

take picture for birds of campark trail camera

Do you have a pet cat? Then, the outline of this image is going to make you value your adorable cat even more. Another picture captured by hunting camera is a cat being carried away by an owl. Its eyes look extremely diabolic and the helplessness of the cat is also reflected in the photo.

Clown in a forest

best trail camera 2021 with clown

Ever thought that a clown could give you cold feet? It can if you get to capture it amidst a deep forest. Quite certainly, a clown has nothing to do in a forest, right? Then why does this picture tell a different story? You can carry a night vision game camera on your next jungle safari for witnessing these creepiest things.


Haven’t you read about Bigfoot, the imaginary creature from the folklore? But a picture hints at that possibility of its existence. This image catches a strange animal in action. Since it is not a dense forest, an ape cannot be expected to be staying there. What else could be that animal excepting the Bigfoot?  

Doe misses his apple treat

In this picture, the poor doe was about to eat the apples that it discovered on its path. However, chilling shriek sound terrifies the poor do and his helplessly confused escaping movement is captured in the image.

Horrifying human

wifi trail camera for capturing an animal

Capturing an animal in your wildlife camera is quite natural. But what if you had captured a human with a horrifying look on his face? This image shows a human-like figure but he’s been up to be quite confusing to figure out. His horrendous look hints that he has killed an animal by ripping it apart using a bare hand.

A strange figure in woods

The motion activated night vision game camera captured a figure standing behind a tree in the woods. It further kneels down thereby triggering more fear in the onlookers. Some of suggested it might be a member of any tribe. However, the image is seriously creepy and going to be etched in peoples’ minds, not in a good way.

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A lost girl

How would you feel seeing a little girl out of nowhere captured in your camera shot? This picture shows a deer standing in quite close up, while the girl stands a bit far away looking dazed. No story is found this picture but there is no denying that it is creepy.

Ghost or a boy

This is also one of the scariest photo captured by a trail camera. It displays a boy wandering in the woods. The white glow radiating from his eyes make us wonder if it is a boy or a ghost. You can get yourself best trail camera to shoot images that produce goosebumps.

These are just some of the scariest photos floating online. You can find plenty more that are capable of stealing your peaceful sleep at night.