When it comes to the best wireless trail camera, there is no dearth of choices, and choosing the most suitable for you according to the budget can be a tricky part. While Campark has built itself to be the leading manufacturer of trail cameras and hunting cameras, its range of cameras like T40A, T90, T75, T180, T100, T200 come with their distinct properties. Among these, the T70 Outdoor Wildlife Trail Camera has become a popular choice at an affordable cost and with excellent features. Suitable also for home and property security, hunting, and monitoring wildlife, this camera can be your perfect field guide.

campark t70 trail camera

Superior Image And Picture Quality

You will get detailed pictures of animals, birds, and reptiles in action just like using a digital camera as the image resolution is set to 16MP. Suitable for photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, and naturalists alike, this trail camera will also enthrall videographers and wildlife filmmakers who wish to capture every minute detail in animal behavior. The video resolution is set at 1080P that is an industry-standard and hence, clear videos without any blur and off focus will be obtained. 

campark t70 trail camera


Long Trigger Distance With Fast Trigger Speed

You will not be satisfied with video footage or image if it does not capture everything up to a significant distance and Campark makes sure that the T70 camera can trigger at a distance of 65 feet or 20 meters. You can see the details by zooming in and there will be no moment lost as it has a trigger speed of 0.5 seconds. This Bluetooth trail camera will not only detect motion seamlessly but also capture it effortlessly so that monitoring an area or some creature is successful. What is even better, it covers a wide angle of 120 degrees while capturing the footage so that more field area comes in the frame.

Invisible Functioning At Night

Trail and hunting camera users often lose the prized moments of an animal because it gets scared of the obvious-looking camera setup or harsh lights. The no-glow 940nm infrared technology is suitable to work at night or in low light conditions while the animals are oblivious to it. Campark T70 camera has 44 pieces of infrared flash LEDs that will not scare creatures and it has an automatic IR filter to ensure clear footage at night. Even though the footage is black and white, no detail will be lost.

Sturdy Installation

The T70 camera is equipped with a strong bracket and sturdy strap so that it remains tightly fit to a branch or trunk of a tree, pole, or anything on the ground. Safe from external force and animal inquisition, the camera can be tied and mounted. The threaded tripod strap can be used when you set up a tripod or monopod stand with the camera on the ground. If you are using this game camera for security at a farm, home, or building, it can be tied to a pillar, fence, or window easily.

Interesting Features To Go By

From timer function to timestamp with date-time, temperature and moon phase, real-time replay to interval recording, camera mode to hybrid mode -there are multiple features in the camera for convenience. Suitable to use in conditions such as tropical rainforest and marshlands, the camera will be safe from dust and splash, thanks to the sturdy case. As the best hunting camera the T70 Campark model has waterproofing with an IP66 rating so that whether it is raining or snowing, in sandstorm or hailstorm, the camera is not damaged.

Triggering will be frequent when it is used outdoors and to save power you might have to set the shooting settings to 'camera mode'. The camera needs batteries and a memory card.