Whether you're a hunter, wildlife lover, or want to add extra security to your property, a trail camera is a must-have piece of gear. The best model we have is Campark T45. As a wildlife photographer, this camera allows to see where animals are traveling day or night, and produces crisp 1080p footage. 

Animals do much of their roaming after the sunsets. Most wildlife cameras take decent daytime photos and videos, but capturing movement after dark is another story. The Campark T45 excels at grabbing high-quality stills and video in the pitch black of night and during daylight hours.

With three passive infrared sensors (PIR) and a 120-degree detecting range, the Campark is an excellent scouting cam for hunters and also serves well as a security camera. The 14 megapixel images that come out of the Campark are clear as can be, day or night, and the 1080p video is never grainy, shaky, or challenging to make out. The lenses detect motion accurately and trigger the Campark to begin recording in milliseconds.

An overview of the Campark Trail Camera T45

This camera surprises you by its fast trigger speed of 0.3 seconds and its full-HD 1080P videos and 14MP resolution crystal clear pictures. Because of the small size and solid design, the camera is very easy and convenient to configure and work with.

Feature lists are as follows:

  • 14 megapixel clearer image along with 1080P Sharper Video Resolution
  • 0.3s Trigger Speed plus with a maximum of 20m (65ft) Trigger Distance
  • 3 PIR for clear and sensitive night core pictures anđ videos
  • 42 pcs upgraded infrared flash-free LEDs
  • 850nm invisible infrared technology for clear night capturing
  • 120° Angle Lens to broaden detecting range
  • Waterproof and Dustproof design to work well in the tough environment
  • User-friendly: easy to set up and operate, as well as multiple applications


Other Features: 


  • Detection Zone: It is advertised that the camera will detect any movement and single animals that walks within 20 meters (equivalent to 65ft.)  What’s more, the 120-degree detection feature is essential to enjoy a broader view rather than a linear trail. Based on my test, the quality of images and video is 90% reliable at about 60 ft while if it is 90ft and more away from the camera, the reliability reduces to 15%. To sum up, the detection zone of Campark T45 is surprisingly broad.
  • Trigger Speed: The fast 0.3s trigger makes this trail game camera outstanding from other competitors. It means the camera will detect any motion once it reaches its vicinity, then capture images or videos within 0.3s without delay. That way, it frees you from worry about missing exciting moments or animals even at night.


  • Image and Video Quality: As mentioned, the images are high-quality with 14 MP clear crystal technology so that you can see the vivid wildlife, both in daytime and nighttime. The motion sensor is so sensitive that the camera can capture even small objects. Even more, 3 of Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) and 42 pcs LEDs creates excellent and clear night vision while consuming very low power.

The trail camera you choose should be able to snap high-resolution stills and clear videos no matter what time of day. Since many animals roam at night, it's critical to invest in a model that can meet the challenges of low light shooting. The Campark T45 outmatches any other unit on the market today.

With 14 megapixels, 1080p video, three infrared cameras, and a 120-degree viewing range, you're guaranteed sharp photos and rock steady video from the Campark. When motion is detected, the fast trigger never misses a shot, and it's quick to stop recording when activity disappears from view, saving battery life. We love the infrared night vision. After dark stills and videos are clear and detailed, even in bad weather.