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When it comes to securing your home or business, choosing the right security camera is crucial. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In this blog, we'll guide you through the key features you should look for in a security camera, helping you make an informed decision that fits your needs.

Surveillance camera classification

Classified by shape:

  • Gun-shaped surveillance camera: cheap, but without zoom and rotation functions, it can only complete surveillance at a fixed distance from one angle, without good concealment.
  • Hemispherical surveillance camera: small in size, with a certain degree of concealment. Can be suspended from the ceiling.
  • Spherical Surveillance Camera: It has the functions of fast tracking, 360° horizontal rotation, no surveillance blind spot, etc.

Whether the installation can be rotated or not:

  • Rotatable camera: gun-shaped surveillance camera with pan-tilt.
  • Non-rotatable camera: A gun-shaped surveillance camera without a pan/tilt.

Different categories of usage scenarios:

  • Indoor camera and outdoor camera.
  • Wired camera and wireless camera.

Campark SC19 4MP 355° Pan Tilt Control Wireless Battery Powered PTZ Security Camera
Campark SC19 4MP 355° Pan Tilt Control Wireless Battery Powered PTZ Security Camera

What features should I look for in a security camera?

  1. Resolution: The resolution determines the sharpness of the surveillance camera. Generally, the resolution of the current surveillance cameras is above 1080P. The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture.

  2. Pixels: Pixels also determine the clarity of the surveillance camera. Generally, the current surveillance cameras have more than 2 million pixels. The higher the pixel, the clearer the picture.

  3. Focal length: The smaller the focal length, the closer the viewing distance and the larger the viewing angle; the larger the focal length, the farther the viewing distance and the smaller viewing angle.

You can choose a surveillance camera with a smaller focal length for scenes with a small monitoring range but a large angle, such as family living rooms, small shops, etc...For example, a camera with a focal length of 3.6mm or 4mm is suitable for the monitoring needs of 40-80 square meters of space. For a space above 10m*10m, you can consider using a pan-tilt surveillance camera, or install multiple surveillance cameras to ensure full coverage.

For occasions where the monitoring range is fixed but the distance is far away, for example, it is necessary to monitor a parking space 30 meters away, it is necessary to choose a camera with a larger focal length, such as a surveillance camera of 12mm or above. For more options on focal length and lens, please refer to: where to place home secutity cameras

  1. Aperture: The smaller the value behind F, the larger the aperture, the more light entering, the brighter the picture, the narrower the focal plane, and the greater the background blur of the subject; the larger the value behind F, the smaller the aperture, the more light entering Less, the picture is darker, the focal plane is wider, and the front and rear of the subject are clearer.

  1. Night vision:
    (1) Infrared night vision mode: use black and white enhanced video at night.
    (2) Full-color night vision mode: use color video at night.
    (3) Intelligent mode: Infrared night vision mode is used when no one is detected, and full-color night vision mode is used when someone is detected.

  2. Audio: Two-way audio lets you hear and see what's going on, and you can talk to anyone on camera through the camera. But most only wireless cameras have this feature.

  3. Smartphone Alert: Start recording and storing video and send an alert to your smartphone or tablet as soon as the camera detects motion.

  4. Networking method:
    (1) WIFI mode: The surveillance camera can be connected to WIFI, and the surveillance screen can be watched remotely through the mobile phone.
    (2) Network cable mode: the surveillance camera can be connected to a network cable, and the monitoring screen can be viewed remotely through a mobile phone or a monitor.
    (3) 4G mode: Insert mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom mobile phone cards into the monitoring camera, and you can watch the monitoring screen remotely through the mobile phone. The traffic will only be consumed when watching the monitoring screen with the mobile phone, and no traffic will be consumed when not watching. Suitable for places without internet.

  1. Storage:
    (1) Local memory card mode: Store the surveillance video into the local memory card or hard disk drive, and the video can be looped for playback of the surveillance video.
    (2) Cloud storage mode: Store the surveillance video in the cloud storage, but generally need to pay.

  2. Advanced functions: Such as setting the active area, distinguishing between people and animals, recognizing faces, zooming, panning, etc., allowing you to better control what the camera captures.

  1. Smart Home System Compatible: The smart wireless camera can communicate with compatible smart home systems to provide you with additional functionality. For example, when integrated with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit smart home systems, you can use voice commands on a smart speaker with a screen or a compatible TV to pull up security footage, make home deliveries, and more. These features are limited to certain models of WiFi wireless cameras.

  1. Price: Last but not least, you need to consider the price of your security camera. You can find wireless cameras like the Campark SC11 10 x Hybrid Zoom 2MP Wireless WiFi Bulb Security Camera for as little as $50. It's only $45.99.

At last

When choosing a surveillance camera, according to the needs of your surveillance site and the considerations listed above, you will finally make a suitable choice. If you have any questions about surveillance cameras, please feel free to contact Campark, Campark will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

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