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Campark DC15 4K+ 2K Front and Rear Dash Camera for Cars Built in WiFi GPS with 3.16" Touch Screen, 64GB Memory Card


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Style: 1 x camera + 64GB Memory Card
  • 1 x camera + 64GB Memory Card


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About this item

The most worthy car recorder that everyone has ever wanted!】 In order to provide the ultimate user experience, we have launched this 4K Car Recorder with WIFI GPS Touch Screen Voice after exploring and upgrading improvements! This dual car recorder is equipped with 3840*2160P@30fps front camera, 2560*1440P@30fps rear camera, 170° ultra wide angle shooting range for both front and rear of the car, covering 3 lanes with almost no blind spots. It can provide ultra-high definition extreme video/images as evidence of accidents. Suitable for cars, jeeps, taxis/Utes, SUVs, etc.

Super Real Night Vision & Prevent Overexposure】This dual car recorder uses dual SONY STARVIS IMX335 ultra-low light 5MP CMOS sensors and upgraded 6-layer translucent glass lens with F1.8 large aperture, perfectly solving the problem of "horrible/grainy/pixelated video images" from customer feedback. The hardware is carefully designed to deliver crystal clear 4K video not only during the day but also at night with its ultra-low light dual Sony STARVIS sensor with Super Night Vision technology. Giving you the ability to record most details of road signs and license plates even in low light or at night, providing a clear image quality experience. 

Safer than lithium-ion battery powered car recorder】 If you are worried about the safety issues caused by car recorders when your car is exposed to the sun, maybe this super capacitor car recorder is the best choice for you. It can withstand extreme temperatures (storage temperature can be -22°F ~ 158°F), prevent overheating and explosion risk, and provide longer camera life and prevent internal damage.

Safe Voice Driving Design】 Unlike the usual "button operation" car recorders, this car camera is equipped with a 3.16-inch large LCD full touch screen, so you can easily operate the settings/functions without tedious buttons. Car security camera has 8 voice commands, which are recording video, taking pictures, locking video, opening screen, closing screen, opening video recorder, closing video recorder. And, the addition of voice command functions such as "take photo/lock video" greatly improves the safety and convenience when driving. Driving process at any time to control the recorder, driving more safely. ( Note: Currently, the voice function only supports English, and no other languages are supported. So non-English speaking countries may not have this feature. )

Wireless App Control & Accurate Accident Location】The dashboard camera can connect to your smartphone APP(“RoadCam”) via WiFi connection.You can also download and edit videos in the app, and one-click sharing allows you to share your travel scenery and exciting moments with your friends and family. When the car encounters a sudden collision, the scene can be viewed and played back through the mobile phone, and the on-site fault can be quickly dealt with without downloading it through the computer. In addition, the built-in GPS can accurately record the driving record, check the time, accident location, speed, and provide you with strong evidence again.

Bonus Adaptable Professional U3 64GB SD Card】Included in the package is an industrial-grade U3 64GB memory card, which can read/write footage faster while recording. It can solve common problems such as "card error", "unable to format" SD card" and so on. (Tip: please be sure to use the SD card provided by us, because this SD card is specially designed for this 4K driving recorder designed. If you have any problem with SD card, please contact us.)

It is a unique full-featured car recorder on the market!  】This dash cam meets all your needs for a dash cam: ① Loop recording ② G-sensor emergency lock ③ WiFi+GPS ④ Voice commands ⑤ Touch screen ⑥ Wide angle ⑦ Car charger with USB port ⑧ Front and rear dual-lens recording ⑨Memory card included ⑩ Parking monitor (requires connection hardware kit).

WDR Technology

Equipped with Front and Rear F1.8, 6-glass lens and advanced WDR technology, this dashboard camera can automatically capture more lights, and adjust the brightness. Perfect for low light or backlight situations, in wide dynamic scenes such as entering and exiting tunnels, night car lights, etc., the image bright and dark details perform better.

Smart Voice Control

Take pictures and record video by voice control, such as some shortened words: “Take Photo, Record Video, Lock Video, Screen On or Screen Off” etc. Let you make an instant shoot whenever and enjoy the driving experience in a safe way, easily capture the beautiful scenery encountered during the journey.  

APP Control

The built-in WiFi allows you to connect the camera to your smartphone through "RoadCam" APP. You can preview, download the video, set the camera menu on your phone. (Please note that the wifi valid distance is within 10 meters.) The APP can only display the real-time picture, route, speed, and location. GXPlayer needs to be downloaded.

3.16" LCD Full Touch Screen

This dual dash cam is equipped with a 3.16" IPS full touch screen, simple and intuitive use. No need to fumble through side buttons, just select on the screen. This allows you to enjoy the unprecedented fun of a multi-function dash cam.

Extreme Temperature Resistance

Compared with other lithium battery dash cams, this front and rear dash cam has a built-in super capacitor withstand extreme temperatures of -4°F to 158°F to prevent the risk of overheating, will not explosion or burn even if short-circuited, and its service life is twice that of lithium-ion batteries. Deliver you a clear and stable video all the time.

Dual Sony Sensors

This dual 4K driving recorder uses Sony IMX335 Sensor with front and rear cameras to record clear and smooth video images for you, and car recorder has also upgraded the video encoding, Save more storage space and improve overall performance! which is truly ahead of all other driving recorders on the market.

GPS Tracking

Download the GXPlayer player, import the video with GPS information in the APP, use the card reader to import it into the computer, and record the travel details for you, such as speed, position, trajectory, etc. Keep good records of hard data and video evidence for you. It will also synchronize the camera's clock with GPS time so that video files can be properly time stamped.

170° Wide Angle

Front 170° 4K (3840x2160P@30fps) and rear 170° 2K(2140x1440P@30fps) wide-angle lens, which is super wide to cover and capture multiple lanes(more than 3 lanes). Record of every driving moment. It can maximize the safety protection of you and your car.

Rear Camera with Type-c cabin

The 23-foot pull-back camera is equipped with a Type-c interface. The Type-c interface has more stable transmission efficiency and faster speed. It provides you with stable, smooth and clear video images.

Car Charger

This dash cam comes with a car charger with a USB interface. When the car camera dash cam is charging front and rear, you can also use the data cable to insert the USB interface to charge your tablet, power bank or mobile phone (a cigarette lighter socket is required in the car) to avoid the trouble of running out of electricity caused by driving for a long time.

Scratch Resistant

The package comes with 2×Spare clear film, so you don't have to worry about getting your car glass dirty. The electrostatic film automatically absorbs the glass, and the driving recorder bracket is covered with the film, which is super stable and does not fall.

Free 64GB Memory Card

The package comes with an industrial-grade U3 64GB memory card to read/write the footage faster when recording, which can solve common problems such as "card error", "unable to format" SD card", etc. Support 256GB Memory Card


How to install the front dash cam with the holder built-in GPS(No need to connect a GPS cable)

  • Please wipe the dust or water stains on the windshield with a clean cloth before installing the holder built-in GPS.
  • After determining the position, Paste the transparent electrostatic sticker to the position.
  • Use the 3M holder sticker mount to install the dash cam on the windshield, recommended position is near the rear view mirror near the passenger seat, adjust both lens angle for best coverage
  • Plug the included power adapter into the car cigarette lighter socket the indicator will light up, which means the power is on
  • Connect the power adapter to the dashboard and arrange the extra cables along the interior for a better look.

How to install the rear dash cam

  • Before installing, please and then connect the rear camera connector to the main engine and check whether the rear camera is installed in the correct direction (tip: if the direction is reversed, the image may be inverted)
  • After determining the position and direction, and install the rear camera on the back of the car's rear on the windshield adjust the lens angle for the best coverage. (Come with extension cable for rear dash cam: 23 feet)
  • Start your car,the camera will automatically power oncheck the lens angle and coverage, make sure all functions works well before going on the road.


  • Resolution Mode:Front4K + Rear2K/ Front2K@60fps + Rear1440P/Front1440P+Rear1440P/Front1080P@60fps+Rear1440P
  • Image Sensor: SONY STARVIS CMOS Sensor
  • Power: 12V/24V;2A; TYPE-C port
  • Battery & Charging: NO battery, Use Super Capacitor
  • Audio: ON/OFF
  • Playback Method Dash cam/PC (GXPlayer) / Smartphone (RoadCam app)
  • Storage: 256GB microSD card max (Class 10,U3 or higher memory card is recommended)


  • 1 × 4K Dash Cam &
  • 1 × 2K Rear Camera
  • 1 × 64GB U3 TF Card
  • 1 × GPS Bracket
  • 1 × 23ft Rear Camera Cable
  • 1 × 11.5ft Power Supply Cable with Car Charger and Type-c Port
  • 2 × Electrostatic Sticker
  • 1 × Easy Pry Tool & 4 × Cable Clamps & 2 × 3M Adhesive
  • 1 × User Manual


Question:What should I do if I wanna use my phone to link this dash cam?
Answer: This camera built-in WIFI & GPS, Please follow the steps below to connect.
1. Please download the "RoadCam" APP in the app store.
2. Turn on the WIFI function of the driving recorder (turn it on in the settings or press and hold the arrow key at the bottom of the screen to pop up the WiFi name).
3. Use your mobile phone to connect to WIFI.
4. Open the "RoadCam" APP to control the dash cam.

Question: Can this dual dash cam be selected front and rear? I would like to know how many pixels can be kept if before and after?
Answer: This dash camera has a variety of front and rear pixels to choose from, Please refer to the parameters below to choose the appropriate resolution for you.
1. 4K @30fps+ 2K @30fps
2. 2K @60fps + 2K @30fp
3. 2K @30fps + 2K @30fps
4. 1080P @60fps + 2K @30fps

Question: What is the effect at night?
Answer: Night vision is very clear.

Question:Will it keep turning on and off? The dash cam I'm using now doesn't work!
Answer: Equipped with all the features on the market, Campark dash cams are safer than traditional lithium battery dash cameras, dash cams use super capacitors to withstand extreme weather. Tip: In hot areas, the dash cam will increase with the temperature, but please use it with confidence. No battery means the dash cam won't short circuit/melt/explode.
If your dash cam keeps turning on or off, here's why:
1. Please check whether the car charger and the line are connected properly. Looseness may affect the normal operation of the driving recorder.
2. Please check whether the timer shutdown function is turned on, and select OFF in the settings after powering on.
3. Please check whether the automatic screen saver function is turned on. The automatic screen saver function will automatically turn off the screen in 1/3/5 mins, so that the novice driver can concentrate more. Turn it off in settings if you don't need it.

Question:Can the rear dash cam also be use as backup camera to help with parking?
The DC15 dash cam cannot provide a reversing assist line. If you want to use the rear dash cam to help you park, the picture will be displayed closer than the actual situation.
So we suggest that if you want to use the auxiliary reversing function, please search for the rearview mirror dash camera: RM03. This rearview mirror dash cam 10-inch LCD screen can clearly provide the reversing auxiliary line to help you stop and see the situation behind you .

Question:Compared to wifi, i care more about how this dash camera uses the gps function.
Answer: This dash cam built-in WIFI & GPS, Please follow the steps below to connect.
1. Install GXPlayer on the computer(Download link:http://www.sunningsoft.com/en/pcgps.html)
2. Prepare video with GPS information(GPS signal received and turn on GPS when recording)
3. Open GXPlayer and import the video with GPS information
4. Set the map/language/speed etc. According to the actual situation
5. Play the video, check the driving track/latitude and longitude, etc.

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Campark DC15 4K+ 2K Front and Rear Dash Camera for Cars Built in WiFi GPS with 3.16" Touch Screen, 64GB Memory Card