What Is Black Friday?

The day after Thanksgiving is generally known as Black Friday, which also refers to the fourth Friday of November each year. Traditionally, Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, and many stores offer big sales on goods and services to entice customers to spend money.

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Why is It Called Black Friday?

The explanation most people give for "Black Friday" is this: most businesses continue to operate at a loss or without profit until the day after Thanksgiving, when excessive sales make these businesses instantly profitable, or even fall back into trouble, hence the name "Black Friday".

The explanation for this term dates back to the early 1960s, when in Philadelphia, the day after Thanksgiving, the city's traffic and shopping grew by leaps and bounds, causing a great deal of chaos and stress for Philadelphia's police and businesses. The huge amount of traffic and chaos on this day immediately brought the concept of "black" to mind, giving rise to the name "Black Friday".

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The origins of Black Friday date back to the 1970s, when it was used to describe a merchant's financial situation. In accounting terms, a merchant would record a loss in red and a profit in black. Most merchants wanted their accounting books to be in the black, i.e. in the black, on the day after Thanksgiving, hence the term "Black Friday".

Regardless of the origin of the term, Black Friday is a day of huge sales for businesses and has become a tradition in most countries, mainly in the United States, where merchants offer big sales and customers get a lot of great bargains.

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Black Friday Shopping Trends

More And More Shopping Will Be Done On Mobile Devices

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not unique traditions in the United States but are now celebrated in many countries around the world. As the popularity of Black Friday grows, more and more consumers are shopping online rather than in traditional brick-and-mortar stores, and many prefer the convenience of using mobile devices.

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Increased Discounts And Earlier Start Times

Businesses or merchants start discounting long before the actual Black Friday begins, for example, the Campark website has already begun promotions at the beginning of November, and the entire website can give a 5% discount on all orders over $100. Some items are even more heavily discounted, such as the Campark T200, which is 23% off and can be purchased for only $99.99 for a 4K HD solar-powered outdoor hunting camera. The latest TC22 hunting camera, for example, is discounted by 11%, and you can purchase a solar-integrated dual-lens hunting camera with starlight night vision for only $159.99.

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Soaring Demand For Subscription Services

Many merchants will give some potential customers or long-term customers to open the function of subscription services, to give customers a better experience and promotional offers, most merchants in large-scale activities before the start the majority of these customers will be told in advance e-mail, text messages, phone calls, etc., and some merchants will send some of the latest or hottest models to these customers in advance to experience, and to promote the development of cooperation.

Black Friday 2023

Let's all look forward to Black Friday, cheer and celebrate this holiday together, and shop for great bargains together.