Be it for recording the road journey you embark upon or for 24/7 surveillance of your car from theft, the dash camera or dashboard cameras mount on the car will be a handy and fancy gadget at the same time. Once used in police cars, these compact cameras are now very popular for they can safeguard your car as well as whoever or whatever is inside. Besides, in case of an accident, you can just show the video footage taken by the camera to the legal authority as concrete testimony. The footage will also be quite useful in mitigating any potential spikes of the car insurance rates.  

So, regardless of your requirement when you are planning to get a dash camera from Campark, here is a thorough guide to get you started with.

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Basic Features To Look For

While looking for that perfect camera, a number of choices from different brands will crop up! However, the first thing to consider and know about is the overall quality of the digital camera because enhanced quality denotes crisp clarified pictures with minute details.

  • Depth-of-field

While buying the dashboard camera, you need something with wide filed-of-view so that it captures the movement of wider area. While the front facing or one-channel systems are most common, many wish to go with the two-channel and four-channel system that covers the front, rear and two sides of the vehicle.

  • Frame Rate

You don’t need motion blur while your car is speeding up on the highway because in this way the device will keep on skipping frames in regular interval. Go with the cameras with higher frame rates like 30 fps or 60 fps for not missing one single moment.

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  • Image and Video Resolution

Your best dash cam should have minimum 720p resolution although the 1080p resolution is the best choice. According to your budget, you can move higher with the resolution as better resolution mean better picture quality for images and videos.


  • Night Vision

Crimes and accidents are prone to happen during night and if you travel in darkness on regular basis, look for the top dash camera that can capture excellent details even at night so that no matter there is not enough vibrancy but the important details like license plates or burglars are easily visible.

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Other Considerations While Buying

Apart from the above, you should also consider the following features before investing on your camera 

  • Make sure that your vehicle has proper mounting facility available. While some dash cam for car can be mounted on the dashboard, some want to mount it from windshield. Permanent adhesives can also be used to mount the camera.
  • You should be able to have record of the visuals on your smart devices and hence, an wireless connection like Bluetooth or WiFi will be highly beneficial for you
  • Make sure to buy a memory card with minimum 64 GB capacity so that you are never short of space while recording the journey. Some devices also come with built-in memory cards

Apart from the above points, you should also look out for the cameras which have footage protection so that no old footage is deleted. With video recording, audio recording will be an added bonanza, which is good as it won’t add to any additional cost!

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