Trail cam, camera trap or trail camera, whatever you call it, is your best gear when you are unable to spend hours tracking wildlife or game birds in uncharted zone after a particular time. With their small and handy size, they can be easily installed on any tree or fence so that any movement in front of it is captured, saved and even sent to the integrated mobile, computer etc. These cameras are widely used in tracking the game species during hunting while the hunters wait stealthily at another place being aware of the species approaching them or leaving the territory.

 In freezing mountainous terrains or dense forests where spending time in dark is next to impossible, these digital cameras are tied around trees, poles or rocks to capture the video and images of the landscape, flora and fauna as well as any human intervention.

Innovation To Suit The Requirements

With the advancement of technology, newer and better innovations in these cameras are evident which will address all types of requirement from your end. Here are the latest advance features –

  • Be it for documentation, tracking or for capturing images, the video quality and image details play the prime part of any camera. With minimum 12 MP resolutions for pictures and 1080p resolution for videos, the high quality cameras of Campark will result in sharp colored images and videos at daytime as well as crisp black and white images and videos in nighttime.
  • Automatic triggering speed with the IR technology is efficient in covering 20-22 meters of distance any time of the day and with 0.3-0.5 second of recovery time within continuous shots, you can be well assured of not missing any crucial moment of action as these cameras have motion detecting sensors.

  • Those who need the cameras for scouting would love the camera with 3 PR Night Vision and light sensitivity. No matter what, the photography and videography will be seamless, thanks to the infrared sensors that will keep on capturing video or images.   
  • The cameras are also equipped with high powered batteries which consume less power even while the camera is continuously in use and capturing images and video footages. The cameras can be customized with standby mode too so that the battery lasts as long as six months.
  • When you are installing the camera in rugged terrain like snowy mountains, rainforests, dusty deserts or muddy estuaries, you need the pocket-size camera to be reliable enough to work irrespective of how bad the weather can get. The trail camera comes with hardy weather-shield case or waterproof case so keep mud, dust, water and snow at bay. IP 66 or IP 56 waterproofing properties are the latest standards for trail cams.
  • Wildlife photographers and researchers are particularly concerned about cameras that can capture every moment of the behavior of wildlife without alarming them or scaring them away. In this context, these cameras with low-glow infrared flash will definitely be your perfect bet.

Apart from the above, the latest innovations of camera features like time lapse, timer shots, geotagging, hybrid capturing, moon phase and time tag etc will add to the advantages of the trail cameras. You can also set password to the camera to avoid theft of memory cards and access the captured images and video footages at any point of time right on your mobile, computer and televisions! Cool, isn’t it?

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