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Campark DC06 4K Dash Camera 3.16''Touch Screen Inside WiFi GPS Dual Dashcams Front and Rear with 64GB Memory Card(Only sold in the EU)


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Style: 1 Camera + 64GB Memory card
  • 1 Camera + 64GB Memory card
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.16'' Touch SCreen Inside WiFi GPS Dual Dashcams  Front and Rear

About this item

Front & Rear Dual Driving Recorder: This driving recorder adopts Sony sensor and HDR/WDR technology, which can record 4K and rear 1080P high-definition road condition video of the vehicle at the same time. 6-layer optical lens design, allowing you to clearly capture any details within the surveillance range even in low-light environments (Note: the rear camera is not waterproof and needs to be installed in the car) 170° front monitoring angle and 140° rear monitoring The angle allows you to grasp more road conditions and prevent various emergencies.

Smart Sensor: The bottom of the DC06 front camera is specially equipped with a motion sensing sensor, when your hand moves under the video recorder, it will immediately start the shutter sound to lock the video or take a photo with the sensor, when it detects a driving collision emergency video and photos will be It is quickly saved to provide a good guarantee for subsequent processing.

Real-time Navigation System: This 4K dash cam has a GPS navigation system that allows you to record your driving route, real-time location and speed, etc. while driving.  You can track on Google Maps via WiFi using the app or with our Windows and Mac GPS Player, and the records of these data will become favorable evidence for you to deal with emergencies.

WiFi Connection & APP Control: You can use the built-in WiFi of the driving recorder to realize the connection between the driving recorder and the mobile phone, and view and manage the usage of the driving recorder in the "Guard Camera" APP (Compatible with both Android and Apple systems). It is very convenient to view or download videos on the APP, and to view and manage them.

High-quality Interface Design: The upgraded version of the USB-C power interface design provides faster and more stable power for the driving recorder, ensuring the long battery life of the driving recorder. It also supports smooth data transmission and charging for mobile phones and other devices via USB data cable. To provide you with more convenient and stable travel.

Quick & Efficient Installation: The driving recorder can be installed and fixed through the magnetic bracket to ensure the stable support of the driving recorder and avoid shaking and falling due to sudden braking. The magnetic bracket is different from the suction cup brackets on the market that are easy to fall off. It can also be easily disassembled and installed anywhere you want.

High-performance Capacitor: This dash cam has built-in high-quality capacitors, which have a longer service life and battery life than ordinary lithium batteries. It can work normally in many extreme weathers (-20°C-70°C), providing you with a wider choice of use.

3.16'' Touch SCreen Inside WiFi GPS Dual Dashcams  Front and Rear,

Record Clear Image Day and Night

6-layer optical lens design, equipped with 4K+1080P front and rear high-definition resolution, can record clear images and videos for you no matter in day or night.

3.16'' Touch SCreen Inside WiFi GPS Dual Dashcams  Front and Rear,

Built-in WiFi/GPS

The WiFi and GPS functions of the driving recorder allow you to more conveniently and quickly manage the video on the mobile phone and accurately locate the current driving position.

3.16'' Touch SCreen Inside WiFi GPS Dual Dashcams  Front and Rear,

G-Sensor Lock

With a unique motion sensor lock design, when a vehicle collision or other emergency is detected, the video, photo and recording can be locked immediately in front of the car.

3.16'' Touch SCreen Inside WiFi GPS Dual Dashcams  Front and Rear,

Upgraded Functions

The newly upgraded USB-C port and 360°rotating rear camera provide you with a wider range of sight and longer battery life, allowing you to travel more safely

3.16'' Touch SCreen Inside WiFi GPS Dual Dashcams  Front and Rear,

High-sensitivity Touch Screen

The touch screen made of high-quality materials allows you to operate on the screen more conveniently, with quick response and no delay.

3.16'' Touch SCreen Inside WiFi GPS Dual Dashcams  Front and Rear,

Super Capacitor

Built-in super capacitor is resistant to heat damage, it will work stable in summer and winter without overheating,explosion and melting.

3.16'' Touch SCreen Inside WiFi GPS Dual Dashcams  Front and Rear,

H.264/H.265 Loop Recording

H.265 video encode will at least save 30% storage than H.264, it will overwrite unlock recording once card is full.

3.16'' Touch SCreen Inside WiFi GPS Dual Dashcams  Front and Rear,

Screen Saver

Continuously records the video in the back ground and show current sped on screen.

3.16'' Touch SCreen Inside WiFi GPS Dual Dashcams  Front and Rear,

Parking Monitor

Record important footage when parked, it request hardwire kit.

Warm Tips

  • We recommend U3 or higher speed Micro SD Card, MAX 256 GB (64 GB Included). And please format the Micro SD card on the PC, then format it again on the dash cam before first use.
  • "Motion Detection" only records when detecting motion, if there is no motion, the dash camera will not record, such as when waiting for traffic lights. In order to not miss any video, we suggest turning off "motion detection" for normal recording.
  • Upgraded Type-C interface - plug and play, increasing reliability and versatility; data transmission and charging will be more stable. It is more convenient to use than the Mini USB interface. Type-C interface is more and more widely used in daily life. Once the original data cable is damaged, you can use the type-C data cable of other devices to replace it. At the same time, Type-C is faster and more stable than traditional mini USB in terms of data transmission speed.

3.16'' Touch SCreen Inside WiFi GPS Dual Dashcams  Front and Rear,


  • Sensor: Sony IMX335 sensor
  • Display: 3.16 inches touch screen
  • Audio: Built-in microphone and speaker
  • USB port: Upgraded USB-C port
  • Audio Recording: Yes
  • Working temperature:-20°C~70°C
  • Screen Saver: YES
  • Front camera + rear camera resolution: 4K+1080P
  • External memory: U3 64GB Micro SD Card

Package List

  • 1x 4K dash camera
  • 1x 1080P rear camera 18ft
  • 1x USB car charger 9.8ft
  • 1x Type-C data cable
  • 1x Magnetic mount
  • 1x Easy pry tool
  • 4x Cable clamps
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x U3 64GB micro SD card
  • 1x 3M sticker

Question: The recorder shows memory full, can't play video looped, etc.
Answer: 1.First of all, when you have a new memory card for first time on the machine, please format the memory card to FAT32 for the first time PC then format it on the camera. Secondly, if the memory card is previously used in another type of device, it is necessary to format it when using on this camera.Third, change another new SANDISK Micro SD CARD
2. Check the sensitivity of the G sensor. If the sensitivity is too high, bumps and camera shakes will activate the G-sensor and the files will be locked. Locked files cannot be overwritten.If locked files accumulate, there will be no memory card to record in loop. When the parking monitor is on, the Shaking will also cause too many lost files, which will also it will affect the reading and writing of the cards.

Question: The device will turn on or off automatically.
Answer: 1.Format the memory card in FAT32 format on the PC and then format it on the camera.
2.Check the connection status of the car charger, if the connection is loose, the power supply is not stable, the camera will turn on and off automatically.

Question: The rear camera does not show an image.
Answe: 1.Please change the camera display mode to check the status of the rear camera.
2.Please check if the AV connector is in place and the cable is connected correctly.
3.Try to unplug the camera and clean the connector with some medical alcohol and connect it again.

Question: When recording video, it automatically stops or the stop button operation is slow.
Answer:1.Firstly, reset the device to default settings factory.
2.Pease check if the memory card is a high quality card speed (Class10 higher) please use PC machine to format the card before use.

Question: Despite setting the screen saver, but the screen when random.
Answer: The power source may not be stable, please change another one car charger to test.

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Campark DC06 4K Dash Camera 3.16''Touch Screen Inside WiFi GPS Dual Dashcams Front and Rear with 64GB Memory Card(Only sold in the EU)