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Campark TC19 4K 48MP Trail Camera Solar Powered Integrated Game Camera with Night Vision & Motion Activated


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Trail Camera Solar Powered Integrated Game Camera

About this item

Three Power Supply MethodsThis solar hunting camera supports USB cable power supply, built-in lithium battery and solar power supply, and AA battery backup charging to ensure that the camera can work stably and continuously, avoiding the trouble of frequent battery replacement. (Note: It is recommended to use AA batteries in low temperature conditions to ensure better operation of the camera)

48MP Ultra-clear Image & 1080P HD Video】This outdoor hunting camera is designed with high-quality lens and image sensor, providing you with 48MP ultra-high-definition image and 1080P clear video, ensuring that you can clearly watch the behavior tracks and activity patterns of wild animals.

Clear Night Vision & Loop RecordingThe loop recording function of the camera will continue to record the latest content when the Micro SD card is full, and the old video will be overwritten by the latest video, without missing any detailed records. The built-in 26 850nm infrared LEDs can take clear pictures and videos at night without disturbing animals.

0.1-second Quick Trigger & Wide Monitoring Range】When there is animal activity within the camera’s monitoring range, it will be accurately shot at a trigger speed of 0.1 second, and the ultra-wide monitoring range of 80 feet (65 feet at night) ensures that you will not Miss any wonderful moments.

IP66 Waterproof Design】This solar outdoor tracking camera adopts compact structure and well-sealed waterproof design to ensure that the camera can be used for a long time in harsh outdoor conditions, suitable for wildlife monitoring, hunting activities, home security monitoring and other occasions.

Easy to Install & Set UpYou only need to use the mounting strap or the screws with the wall mount bracket to install this hunting camera successfully. You can set some working performance of the camera according to your needs, so as to provide you with a better experience.

Trail Camera Solar Powered Integrated Game Camera

Three Power Supply Methods
This solar camera supports three power supply methods: solar power, Micro USB cable and standard 5V adapter charging, and AA backup batteries to ensure that the camera can continue to work outdoors. The design of multiple power supply methods makes TC19 a convenient tool suitable for various environments and usage scenarios. Whether it is for outdoor work, observing wild animals for a long time, or for security monitoring and other purposes, the camera can provide continuous and stable power supply to ensure that you will not miss any important moment.

Trail Camera Solar Powered Integrated Game Camera

Loop Recording
When the micro SD card is full, the camera's loop recording function will automatically overwrite the old recordings to ensure that the camera can always record the latest content. This allows you to use the camera for a long time without worrying about insufficient storage space, capture important moments, and never miss any wonderful moments.

Trail Camera Solar Powered Integrated Game Camera

More Features
This camera only needs 0.1 second to quickly capture dynamic moments. The 2.0-inch screen allows hunters to observe the picture in real time. The camera is equipped with a high resolution of 48 pixels, ensuring that every captured photo is rich in detail, clear and sharp. The IP66 waterproof design allows the camera to work normally even in harsh outdoor conditions.

Trail Camera Solar Powered Integrated Game Camera

The Best Gift 
Solar tracking camera is an advanced product specially designed for field work. Support three power supply modes to ensure the camera can work longer in the field and save battery usage. Equipped with a high-quality lens and image sensor, it can capture clear and sharp images with an amazing 48MP resolution, while supporting FHD 1080P video recording, so that the pictures you shoot in the wild are vivid and full of details. It is the best choice for gift giving.


  • Photo megapixel:48MP、20MP、16MP
  • Video Resolution:1080P(1920x1080)
  • Trigger Speed: 0.1s
  • Screen: 2.0" color TFT LCD
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • USB Connection: Micro USB 2.0
  • Video Length: 5s-180s (default 10s)
  • Night vision: 26pc 850nm infrared LEDs
  • Distance of Night Vision: 65FT(20m)
  • Memory Card: Micro SD Card (not included, maximum support 32G)
    Warm Tips
              • Before use the trail camera, please charge the built-in rechargeable battery with the included micro USB cable and 5V wall outlet adapter(Not Included) for 8 hours.
              • In a low temperature or low sunlight condition, please use AA batteries as backup for better performance.
              • The solar panel only charges the built-in battery, but it does not charge AA batteries.
              • We recommend using a Class 10 or higher class Micro SD Card up to a capacity of 32GB (not included). Please turn on loop recording function on the trail camera to keep recording


              • 1*Trail Camera
              • 1*USB Cable
              • 1*User Manual
              • 1*Mounting Belt
              • 1*Threaded Tripod
              • 3*Screws

              Question: Can I get clear video?
              Answer: Yes, the solar powered trail camera can capture clear and charp video, 2.7K(2668x1520P, 30fps).

              Question:  How to use the trail camera?
              Answer: Hello, The following is quick steps.
              1. Please install 4 AA batteries as backup for longer use
              2. Insert a micro sd card
              3. Choose the language that you need
              4. Format the micro sd card
              5. Set the date and time
              6. Turn on the loop recording function, so that oldest files will be overwritten by latest ones.
              7. You could choose one of the 3 modes: Photo, Video, Photo+Video
              8. Turn off the trail camera, and then put the switch to ON to start recording

              Question:  How to set the trail camera work only during night?
              Answer: Please click the menu button to enter the setup mode.
              Find the "Time Interval Setting", set the start and stop time (For example, start at 19:00 and stop at 6:00). Then the trail camera will record during the period every day.

              Question: Were any of the photos on this page actually taken with this trail camera or are they all stock photos?
              Answer: Hello, The trail camera will take 30mp photo and 2.7k video. It is clear. You will like it. 

              Question:  How to select english in the setup menu?
              Answer: Please don't worry. You could set the language to English.
              1. Push the switch to "SETUP"
              2. Click the menu button (the key on the top right.)
              3. Click the up and down key to find the "Language" and choose English.
              Hope this will help. For more help, please contact us on amazon, you can also find method of contacting us on the user manual. 

              Question:  Is the night vision the "no glo" technology that doesn't scare off animals?
              Answer: Hi, The trail camera has low glow, but it will not scare away animals. There are 36pc 850nm infrared LEDs with the trail camera.

              Question: Can I view image and video on the trail camera?
              Answer: Yes, you could view image and video on the trail camera. There is a screen and you could click the menu key to enter replay mode.

              Question: Does the solar trail camera support playback on the menu?
              Answer: Yes, the solar powered trail camera supports playback on the menu. Please click the menu button to reply. Tips: The menu button is for both settings and playback. 


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              Campark TC19 4K 48MP Trail Camera Solar Powered Integrated Game Camera with Night Vision & Motion Activated