Do you have a knack for hunting the game species? For a professional or recreational hunter, your holiday would mean a day spent at the farm aiming the shot at the large elks, deer or game birds and cooking the flesh on spot if there is arrangement.

But, do you know, that the flesh of the animal that you plan on barbecuing after hunting, might actually contain Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) spongiform which is proved to be transmissible in human blood system too? Sounds terrifying, right?


Hunting Camera for animals


Around 24 states namely Indiana and Montana in the United States have taken help of the game trail cams to track the movement of the deer sub-species as well as other herbivore animals like Moose which are more prone to this disease.

As a matter of fact, this disease, also known as Zombie Deer Virus also affects the brain of any animal such as monkey and hyena if they eat the raw flesh of an infected animal or even humans if the infected blood comes in contact with human blood or humans eat the flesh.


best trail camera for animal


All these might sound terrible especially with the name of the disease, but a game trail camera is all you need to monitor any movement of animals near your farm so that you can take proper precaution.

How The Hunting Camera Can Help Against Zombie Deer Virus?

Before knowing the prevention, you should first know about the symptoms of this disease, especially seen in carcasses. Once infected with this virus, the deer, elk, reindeer, moose etc start to act confused and listless. With a hunting trail camera, you can monitor such abnormal behaviors of the animals before killing them or deciding to eat its flesh.


hunting camera for animals


In this disease, the animal’s brain cells become microscopically perforated like sponge and eventually burst, thereby killing the animal ultimately. Campark has 4 MP T30 hunting camera and 14MP T45 hunting camera for easy monitoring of animals right from the farm.

  • Both the T45 Deer Cam Scouting Camera T30 deer hunting camera offer 1080P video with 0.3 seconds interval of trigger speed for 20 meter trigger distance. With 120-degree wide angle coverage, you can monitor an expansive field of view to catch whether any animal even at faraway area is behaving as if infected with CWD.
  • The T30 camera comes with excellent IP66 waterproofing feature that lets you capture the video no matter how bad the weather is. The clear visibility of the night vision trail camera lets you check activity even during darkness, thanks to the 3 PIR (Passive Infrared Sensors) with greater sensitivity covering up to 65 feet distance and the super infrared 42 LEDs with low glow so that the animals are not bothered.

Being unaware about the Zombie Deer Virus and consuming the infected flesh of the animals can be fatal to anyone. So it is better to get a WiFi enabled hunting trail cam for every hunting farm so that the guides and the hunters can check the activity of animals before hunting them down.