The campark hunting camera has been popular with many customers since its launch in 2008. During these years, we have also listed a number of different models and price cameras, the most popular of which is the T45 model.

Campark best hunting cameras have always adopted low-cost, high-quality models, but many customers do not know the difference between these cameras, the following picture will help you understand the difference between these cameras.


hunting camera specification

As can be seen from the picture, the main differences between these cameras are: Night Vision Type, PIR Sensors, Trigger Speed, Sensor Range, Waterproof, Infrared LEDs.

Hunting cameras can be used in a wide range of applications。

Wildlife Monitoring

If you want to know more secrets of wildlife, just choose campark to easily touch the unbelievable fantastic world.


T45 trail camera is a helpful assistant to track animals for hunter.

Home Security

The trail camera is also as a home monitor, which would be a multifunctional device.

Farm Monitoring

Help you monitor your farm, preventing strangers or stray animals.

Which models of camera should I choose at home or in the wild?

If you want to shoot small animals, such as dogs and cats in the courtyard, then you can choose the T70 model.

940nm NO Glow Night Vision & 44pcs IR LEDS

With fully automatic IR filter and 44pcs infrared flash LED lights, Campark T70 wildlife camera can easily record the natural behaviors of animals at night avoiding missing any moment you want to keep.

940nm no glow infrared technology brings a clear view of passing animals in total darkness, without letting them realize they're being recorded.

If you are going to shoot large animals in the forest, such as tigers, deer, bears, etc., you may need a T45.

Trigger Speed, only 0.3S, even if these animals run faster, you can quickly capture these animal photos

There are 3 PIR Sensors that can sense a wider range

 Attached a few pictures taken by T45 and T70

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