Waiting to chime in good times with the Big Ben in London or planning to climb the Eiffel Tower to get panoramic views of the most romantic city – Paris. One wishes to cherish a glass of wine and walk leisurely on the sidewalks of the picturesque European cities.

The journey itself is poetic and adventurous when it comes to exploring the locals of Rome, Budapest, Warsaw or Berlin. But as a first time traveller we often miss out on the details with which we can make our trip comfortable. Below we have a few practical suggestions on how to make your Euro trip successful.


1. Get a Rail Pass

Europe is intricately connected with a superior network of railways and also one of the cheapest modes of transport for any budgeted tourist. With a rail pass one can get travel with ease from one European city to another. It will save time and also manage expenses for other activities like staying and sightseeing.

2. Manage a Non-touristy stay

These days due to the advance in technology we can book a non-touristy spot to stay and enjoy the local beauty of the region. Having an own rented apartment for a few days will make you blend into the crowd and allow you to explore the secret nooks and corners of the city. Also, you will discover interesting neighborhood cafes, shops, boutiques, parks, and museums away from the general travel itinerary.

Euro Trip: Tips for First Time Travellers!

3. Do not cramp your travel time

While planning on travelling to major cities across Europe do not plan to squeeze more cities in less amount of time. You will spend half of the time in planes, trains or buses and miss out on touring the pleasing localities. Book atleast four nights of stay in major cities and two nights stay in smaller ones. This will balance out the trip and you will enjoy more of European experiences in each metropolis.

4. Pack good Footwear

Nope, don’t consider taking cabs to visit monuments and places while sightseeing in Europe because they are expensive. Instead, indulge yourself with a good walk, pack appropriate footwear for the trip since Europe has plenty of scenic sidewalks, promenades, non-vehicle streets and alleys to explore.

5. No to Wads of Cash

You will be surprised to note that credit cards are accepted in all of the shops and places in Europe. So no need to carry along a wallet full of cash, although a few bills in your pocket are fine for emergency.

Euro Trip: Tips for First Time Travellers!

6. City Pass

You can always get a city pass in advance or buy one on arrival at any of the major cities. This will help you to get around the local public transports for free. The pass is also entitled to make visits to museums, local hotspots and restaurants for free or on major discount. Booking museums and venues to visit in advance is always a smart trick as this will save time from long queues and last minute scramble.

Euro Trip: Tips for First Time Travellers!

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