Valentines Day, the universal celebration of love, is around the corner and so is the eternal dilemma of what to gift and what not to gift?

As soon as February dawns, markets get flooded with mushy Valentines Day gifts to lure starry-eyed shoppers. Heart shaped candy boxes, cupid figurines, chocolate boxes wrapped in red ribbons and cuddly soft-toys can be spotted in every store.

As we all know, Valentines Day is a great opportunity to show your loved ones how much you love them. Yes, I know, there is other Days also on the calendar but does your love and appreciation have to be presented on those days alone. Of course not! Anyone that you hold dear to your heart deserves to be your Valentine. Here are some amazing tips for the couple who are not only partner in crime but also the Travel partners:

Gifts For Travel Lovers

While deciding on a Valentine gift for a loved one, always remember that it is the thought that counts and not the price tag. Think of gifts ideas that are unique, personalized as per your partner preferences and would bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Scratch Maps Make Great Gift

For the couple who love to travel, they can write stories about the things they plan to do when they get to travel to the destination places they want to go to. They can all share their combined travel plans, or ask family members about places they have traveled to, and scratch those places off of the map.

A Valentine’s Day Special Adventure

Spend Valentine’s Day quality time together. Plan a unique travel for the two of you – like a adventure full outing or a fun picnic at a quiet spot with a great view.

Snaps That Represents a Memory

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him or her is the lovable memories. Make a beautiful collection to your gift idea – such as plan a trip, make memories and framed them with a love . They’ll love this gift, knowing it was hand selected by the one who knows them best. For this obviously you will need a good quality camera who can capture all your moments…

Best Cam for Your Special Moments

Everybody wants on a camera, which produce the best quality photos for you and your loved one to cherish. You can’t beat the Campark camera’s price point, portability, or fun assortment of colors.

The secret to Valentine’s Day isn’t extravagant. It’s about determining the gesture that will mean the most to the person you love.