What place do you choose if you want an exciting and private vacation? We bet the beach right or a private island, there is always something calm and soothing about the waters that draws us humans to the sandy shores. So now that you have hired a swanky yacht and planned a whole day of swimming, scubadiving, snorkeling and sea-walking the only equipment you will need to capture your adventurous mermaid styles is a pro underwater action camera. Now all basic camera’s are not equipped with shooting under water and are neither water-proof. Fret not we have the perfect gear for those deep sea moments – Campark’s Action Camera. 


Why do you need a high-tech camera underwater:

  • The water surface is dark as light does not penetrate easily in the depths. Hence you need a camera that has a strong lighting and shooting feature.


  • Water is never still there are always particles moving in the depths, there are aquatic life that do not stay still. A high definition camera is meant to capture all the action without the violent shaking of the equipement. Hence you will need a good tripod for shooting underwater.


Attractive Features of Campark’s Action Camera:

  • High HD quality with a 170 degrees wide angle that can record 4K Ultra HD videos underwater at 30 frames per second. Images can be captured at 16 megapixels.
  • Comes with 32GB Micro SD card that allows you to store a multitude of albums.
  • Modern technology support of WiFi connectivity across 8 meters. It comes with a remote that allows you to enhance the camera settings and also instantly share your pictures online on any social media platforms. You can transfer all your files directly onto a desktop for viewing with a USB cable or mount it on TV for a memorable video experience after the trip.
  • 4GHz Wireless remote control, is water tight, has hit-tech dual screens, a 2 inch high definition back screen to showcase recorded videos, the front 0.66 inch monochrome screen  displays the camera mode and battery power. Some feature a touch screen base to quickly switch between modes for the perfect shot.
  • Comes with unique set of accessories like a waterproof case, helmet mount kit, 4 zip ties, 3 straps, one bicycle mount, 2nd 1050mAh battery, a write remote control and a water proof carrying case.


Some Pro tips to shoot a mind-blowing video underwater:

  • Hold the camera still and try to navigate at a stealth gait, avoid sudden and quick movements as this will lead to distorted images and blurry capture of the videos.
  • Hit the record button an slowly pan the camera around for a wide angle shot.
  • An underwater tripod is always helpful especially if you are shooting aquatic creatures. They are more friendly towards camera’s without the direct presence of a diver.
  • Let the camera be on recording mode for the whole time you are underwater. As this will improve your chances of having a rich content for the video.
  • Take a variety of shots from different angles as this will help you to edit out the unwanted ones.
  • Try and swin solo for capturing quality videos, a little away from the other divers. You do not want to see constant bubbles from their equipements in your frame.
  • Know when to use lights and filters underwater for added effects. For a macro shot leave the lights on, for a wider and deeper angle turn on the lights and switch off the red filter. Likewise in shallow waters use ambient light and red filter.

Travel bloggers, deep sea enthusiatists, treasure seekers and scienctists who have a passion for marine life and the oceans have a pro companion when it comes to Campark’s Action camera. Check out the discounts available and build a high-tech underwater camera collection.