When you're planning to film underwater adventures or outdoor sports it is essential to have cameras that are durable and mobile enough to handle the task. Here's what you should be aware of when purchasing an action video camera as well as the best selling models from Campark.

Campark X40 Action Camera

Campark X30 Action Camera

Campark is a great brand of action cameras packed with high specifications with good quality of build. Campark X30 is a camera with a maximum in native 4K resolution and can be used with a maximum speed of 60fps.

It is said that the Campark X30 weighs about 450 grams with the battery. It's almost half a kilo just there.


Campark X30 action camera


Similar to other Action Cameras on the market The Campark X30 has a small box-shaped body that can be easy to carry around.

To the front on the front, there's a camera lens, as well as the power button, which doubles as the mode button.

It is the Campark X30 has a touchscreen LCD that is located in the rear to the rear of the camera.

Today, having cameras with screens which isn't sensitive to touch is not an option. The display of the camera is 2.0 inches which is the best size in case you have tiny fingers.


  • 4K at 30fps at 4K
  • EIS
  • Battery
  • Price


Campark X30 action camera

Campark ACT74A Action Camera

The ACT74A action camera is constructed of durable and durable plastic that is quite impressive considering the affordable price. Similar to other action cameras within the price range it's design is modelled on older GoPro models..

The side of the action camera is a 2-inch LCD display, which unfortunately isn't a touch screen. Turn the camera's front to the left, and you'll find the lens, as well as an light source beneath it. It's definitely a great accessory to night photography.

Campark ACT74A action camera


The Campark ACT74A excels when recording at 1080P. This recording resolution gives you an great balance of quality of image and performance and is substantially superior to the 4K and 2K.

The choices you have with this action camera include:

  • Video Resolution
  • Sound Settings
  • Photo Settings
  • Exposure
  • White Balance
  • Light Source Frequency
  • Volume Settings
Campark ACT74A action camera


  • It's also affordable.
  • 4K Resolution, 1080p/60 & slow-mo at720p/120
  • LED front-facing
  • 16M photos
  • Time-lapse function


Campark X40 Action Camera

The Campark X40 is an updated version that is a successor to that of the Campark X30, a new action camera with 30 frames per second at 4K resolution as well as longer battery time and lots of more powerful specifications!

Quality of the image, clarity, and details are of excellent quality. It is equipped with a variety of accessories that allow you to make use of it to create more detail and better images. This Campark X40 has an elegant modern design. It's constructed with high-quality plastics , and comes in black hue. The design is like its predecessors, like that of the Campark X30, the X40 has a brand new, small display on the front that can provide important details.


Campark X40 Action Camera


You can also control the Campark camera using other methods like connecting to WiFi or making use of the remote. It is possible to link your Campark X40 camera to your smartphone via WiFi using the DV KING 4K app that allows you to stream live-streamed videos, and download them directly to your phone and share them via social media. This 2.4G remote control wireless is able to easily control the camera's functions to begin and stop recording.


  • Up to 30 frames per second in 4K resolution
  • Cases of water up to 40m
  • is a touchscreen version of HTML0.
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Includes 2 batteries


Campark X40 Action Camera


Should you purchase it?

Its Campark action cameras are an excellent GoPro alternative that is affordable in cost, and despite being a moderate-budget camera it offers decent quality video on its images and videos. It can capture up to 4K real-time and 30fps, with good stabilization that can go up to 4K resolution.