As the name suggests, an action camera makes sure that none of your action-packed fleeting moments go without being frozen for the time. Campark has always been a pioneering brand towards bringing you the best in the market and the X30 Waterproof 20 MP Native 4K Wi-Fi action camera is not an exception, thanks primarily to its industry-standard resolution compatibility.


best action cameras in 2022


Apart from gifting you the smooth cinema-quality footage at 60 fps speed, the camera offers distortion correction and has a 2 inch LCD touch screen that lets you view the footages easily. Here are the reasons why this camera can be your best bet in capturing moments like skiing, cycling, hiking, running, skating, diving and so on –


Multiple Image And Video Resolution Options Available


There are multiple video resolutions to try, for example, 4K i.e. 3200x1800 at 60 fps, 4K i.e. 3840x2160 at 30 fps, 2.7K at 30 fps, 1080P at 120 fps and 720P at 240 fps. While being the best camera for vloggers, the X30 also offers multiple image resolutions like 8 MP, 13 MP, 16 MP and 20 MP. The photos are saved in JPG format while the videos are in MOV format. That being said, you are sure to get sharp, detailed and crystal clear footages while experimenting with different resolutions.


best action cameras in 2022


Electronic Image Stabilization And Distortion Correction


Action cameras are subject to bumps, jerks, knocks, shakes and abrasions during your activities and the EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) feature can be used to make sure that no footage gets blurred or faded and anti-shaking properties result in stable images. However, image stabilization will be automatically disabled when you choose 4K at 30 or 60 fps.


best action cameras in 2022


Considered among the best action cameras in 2022, the X30 model also comes with the built-in fisheye disabling feature of distortion correction so that wide angle shots look realistic. You should, however know that when distortion correction is enabled, EIS will not function.


Adjustable Field Of View With Wide Angle Lens


No more blind spot will be there as the Campark X30 offers a wide 170 degree lens. At the same time, you can adjust the field of view (FOV) from the default 1700 i.e. wide to middle and narrow. Use this action camera for your next trip to choose your field of view accordingly and capture the details across the vast area without missing any moment.


Up To 131 Feet Waterproofing Support


Diving, fishing and snorkeling enthusiasts, swimmers, drifters, surfers, water-skiers, sailors, marine biologists and those who tend to explore the underwater world need the best budget action camera 2022 so that capturing the view of the underwater world gets easy without damaging the camera. The Campark X30 model is certified to work up 40 meters under water.


best action cameras in 2022


ISO, WDR, Burst Mode And White Balance Adjustment


You can choose different white balance levels such as auto (AWB), sunny, cloudy, fluorescent and incandescent. Among the best cameras for vlogging, the X30 lets you change the ISO according to the lighting conditions, choose WDR for bringing vibrant colors and choose burst mode that makes way for continuous shooting so that you do not miss a single moment and find the best one among them.


best action cameras in 2022


It has built-in Wi-Fi to access, save and share the footages from your mobile device using the DV KING 4K app. Up to 64GB of micro SD card is supported by the camera and for charging there is 5V/1A single slot dock charger for the two 1350 mAh batteries.