While looking for the best action cam, you will be overwhelmed by the number of choices you get from different brands with variable features. Relying blindly on a particular brand can be your choice but what if other brands have better features? Similarly, the lowest priced base models can save you a few bucks but would its sub-standard features satisfy your requirements?

To answer these questions, here are the five main features that you should consider while buying the action camera –

1. 4K Or 1080P Video With Greater Frame Rate

The first thing that you would want from an action camera is how efficiently it shoots video on the move, something you can't do this with DSLR or with a mobile camera. 4K videos provide the highest quality which is four times clearer than 1080p resolution.

At the same time, you need a higher frame rate such as 60 frames per second which make sure your videos never miss out any minute detail. In some action cameras like Campark X30, you will also get 120fps for 1080P and 240fps for 720P videos. But one thing you need to note down if you don’t have 4k TV or computer screen that doesn’t support, then 4K cam may not be the ideal option for you.

2. Waterproofing Or Sturdy Housing

Some of the greatest action sports involve being in the water and even diving deep underwater. The waterproof action cameras in this context proved to be the best option to record your water-based or underwater tryst as well as the life lurking underwater. Cameras like X30 or Hero7 are built with a water-resistant body so that you do not need extra housing.

But as you should always be cautious with these gadgets, it is better to rely on the additional underwater housing to be full-proof while you dive into 30-40m underwater.

3. Ease Of Connectivity

Almost in all brands, modern action cam is equipped with Wi-Fi because social media plays a vital role in sharing online moments with friends and relatives.

Remote control Wi-Fi helps you to share as well as edit the media by transferring them on your phone through the mobile app offered by the brand with the purchase. Once you have enjoyed the sports, check out the footage on your mobile devices, process them and share in real time. At the same time, you would need GPS for geotagging your media or determining the exact spot where you enjoyed the action.    

4. Mounting Accessories

DSLR cameras are not made for adventure purpose because it's not handy to shoot a quick rapid moment during any adventure sports, on the other hand, action cam does not require can easily be mounted on your helmet, handlebar or attached on your body parts like wrist and waist. The top brands include proper mounting accessories like the underwater case, fixed base, base mount, helmet base, handlebar mount, tread, bandages, straps, etc. which you can assemble with ease.  

5. High-Resolution Images With Wide FOV

For any photographer, it is a well-known fact that the images of higher resolution are sharp and detailed. Hence, while looking for action cameras, make sure you do not choose any model that offers less than 16MP resolution images. The Campark X30, for example, offers 20MP images which are the best in class, apart from the standard 16MP, 13MP, and 8MP resolution variants. With Electronic image stabilizing and distortion calibration, you would also want to cover as much wide field of view as possible with the lens and what more to want if you get adjustable FOV while making sure no detail is lost?

 Video quality, image resolution, mounting accessories, waterproofing, and connectivity are the five most important factors in the action cameras.  Check and compare these features before you buy.

 So when are you planning for your next adventure trip?